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Dr. Christine M. Probes, Professor of French Literature and Culture delivers the plenary address at the 50th anniversary international conference 

Dr. Christine M. Probes, Professor of French Literature and Culture, delivered the invited plenary address at the 50th anniversary international conference (virtual) of the North American Society for French Seventeenth Century French Literature on May 28, 2021. Attendees included scholars from Great Britain, Canada, Iceland, France, Russia and Switzerland as well as the USA. Dr. Probes’ address, “Individuation à la Cour de France: La Refonte d’une Princesse du Palatinat, de la ‘conversion religieuse’ à la ‘conversion culturelle’”, focused on the “individuation” or self-discovery of Louis XIV’s sister-in-law as revealed in her letters to Leibniz and others.

Dr. Christine M. Probes, Professor of French Literature and Culture, delivered the invited plenary address at the 50th anniversary international conference (virtual) of the North American Society for French Seventeenth Century French Literature on May 28, 2021. Attendees included scholars from Great Britain, Canada, Iceland, France, Russia and Switzerland as well as the USA.   Dr. Probes’ address, “Individuation à la Cour de France: La Refonte d’une Princesse du Palatinat, de la ‘conversion religieuse’ à la ‘conversion culturelle’”, focused on the “individuation” or self-discovery of Louis XIV’s sister-in-law as revealed in her letters to Leibniz and others.










Recognizing the Angel of Bordeaux: USF professor helps promote the life of a Holocaust hero

Dr. Martine Wagner, associate professor of French, organized a session around Aristides de Sousa Mendes at the 20th & 21st Century French & Francophone Studies International Colloquium in March 2021. She presented a paper on the biographical novel Le Consul (2015) by Algerian writer Salim Bachi. Aristides de Sousa Mendes was the Portuguese Consul in Bordeaux in June 1940 and was recognized by Israel in 1966 as one of the Righteous Among the Nations for saving thousands of refugees during the Nazi occupation and the Holocaust. For more information:

fall 2021 course - great french love stories in english translation

Developed by Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Dr. Gaëtan Brulotte, the course focuses on romantic and passionate love from the early Middle Ages to the present. Read and analyze famous French love stories that have inspired literary masterpieces and fairy tales as well as great artists, songs and films.

Fall 2021 Flyer










fall 2021 course - Fables, Fairy Tales and Philosophy

This Fall 2021 course on Fables, Fairy Tales and Philosophy welcomes advanced undergraduates and graduate students. Discover with us a literature that is both charming and deep while perfecting your French. The course is taught by Dr. Christine M. Probes, Professor and Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques.











Dream Week 2021

dream week












Undocunited is excited to present Dream Week 2021 which will take place on March 22 - 26th at 7 pm EST! This week long event aims to cultivate awareness about undocumented communities! In partnership with ISLAC and OMA, we have 5 awesome events to offer our USF community. Please feel free to invite your family, friends, and colleagues to this awesome event!!

Here are the events scheduled for Dream Week 2021:

Monday, March 22nd: A Conversation with Ms. Diana Castro, Esq.

Meeting Link -->,%22Oid%22:%225729f7fb-1bfc-4bbe-be4b-788eb4c6b04e%22%7D

Tuesday, March 23rd: "Around the World" Showcase

We are still looking for participants for the showcase! You can sign up here: UndocUnited "Around The World" Showcase - Google Sheets

Meeting Link -->,%22Oid%22:%225729f7fb-1bfc-4bbe-be4b-788eb4c6b04e%22%7D

Wednesday, March 24th: Trivia with UndocuAlly through OMA

Meeting Link -->,%22Oid%22:%225729f7fb-1bfc-4bbe-be4b-788eb4c6b04e%22%7D

Thursday, March 25th: DACA Panel

Meeting Link -->,%22Oid%22:%225729f7fb-1bfc-4bbe-be4b-788eb4c6b04e%22%7D

Friday March 26th: "Do you know the Latin American countries?" Trivia

Meeting Link -->,%22Oid%22:%225729f7fb-1bfc-4bbe-be4b-788eb4c6b04e%22%7D

Also, we are still accepting donations for the undocumented student scholarship! If you are able to contribute to this important cause, please click here --> Fundraiser by Sharon Benitez : Scholarship Fund for DACA Students at USF! ( If you are unable to donate, please share this scholarship fundraiser on your social media pages!

We are so thrilled to bring back Dream Week and we hope to see you all there!


guest speaker for the caribbean literature class

We wanted to open a window for others to listen to our discussions. We are fortunate to have a distinguish guest for University of Notre Dame, Dr.  Madgalena López who is presenting her book, Más que islas. Cuentistas del gran Caribe hispano to our class. You are all welcome to participate.

Spanish graduate student association (SGSA)

The Spanish Graduate Student Association (SGSA) represents graduate students currently enrolled in the Spanish MA program at the Department of World Languages at USF. SGSA is committed to the well-being of not only its members but also the USF community at large. Each semester, we sponsor a variety of academic and cultural events as well as professional development workshops and social gatherings. Our mission is to advocate for the importance of Hispanic languages and cultures in an intercultural, global context. SGSA is an open-enrollment association and therefore invites all interested students to join. We strive for diversity, equity and inclusion. Welcome! 



Tracing our roots: Voices from the Afro-Atlantic Diaspora event

As part of the Black History Month celebrations at USFSM, the Office of Multicultural Affairs, in collaboration with the Spanish section and ISLAC present the "Connecting Our Roots" series, a celebration of the Afro-Atlantic diaspora. The events will provide highlight the enormous diversity encompassed in the idea of Blackness, including the Afro-Latin American/Afro-Latinx experience, diasporic artistic manifestations as sources of resistance and social change, and the Black experience in military and entrepreneurial worlds.

Join us, through this link below!

connecting roots














Here is Troy Della Pietra, a student in the Italian program (Facebook and Twitter @ITALIANatUSF) at the University of South Florida, chosen to open a video of the Italian Embassy Italy in US.

You can watch the video through the link here:


Congratulations to Dr. Matt Kessler and his colleagues, whose research involving technology and language learning was recently featured by USF media. Their research explores the effectiveness of an online learning platform (TalkAbroad) and how it can be used to support different facets of L2 Spanish learning, among other languages. 


On October 23, 2020, Arwen Puteri defended successfully her dissertation "The West knows Best: East Germans left behind after Unification." Arwen was a student in the History Department at USF, but she has also been part of World Languages, since she has been teaching for our German Program. 

We congratulate Dr. Puteri on her achievements. Well done!  


The faculty and staff at the Department of World Languages at the University of South Florida understand the difficult circumstances under which students must attend class and complete assignments during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to say “we are here for you”. Please use the resources included here and don’t hesitate to contact your professors to talk about any issues regarding class performance. We are all in this together! 


Elizabeth Jaquez was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but spent most of her life in New York City. After high school, she served in the US Navy which allowed her to travel through South America and fall in love with the diverse Latin American cultures. She holds a BA in business administration and is currently an MBA and Spanish MA candidate. She also works as a Fiscal and Business Analyst at USF. For the past year and a half, Elizabeth has served as president of the Spanish Graduate Student Association in the Department of World Languages. As president, she actively recruits new members with the intent of expanding the sense of community; in addition, she established the SGSA’s internal library, and leads the organization’s events committee. Additionally, Elizabeth served as moderator of the 20th Century Spanish Literature session during the 2019 USF World Languages Colloquium and has also presented her research during the 24th Southeast Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film. 


LALS Ph.D. student, Antonella Gazzardi (pictured above) & faculty member, Professor Camilla Vásquez, recently published their research ("A Taxonomic Approach to the use of English in the Italian Media") in the journal World Englishes.  

LALS Ph.D. students, Yaqian Jiang (pictured above) and Dacota Liska will be presenting their research on Thursday, Oct 29 at the annual conference  of the Association for Business Communication  (Yaqian’s presentation is on “Commodification of English and linguistic creativity on Douyin: Translanguaging, language ideologies and humor.” Dacota’s presentation is about“Anonymity, Expertise and Trustworthiness: The Credibility of Redditors in r/books Recommendations”).  In addition, Dacota will deliver a preview of her talk during our October 2 LINGO meeting at noon.  All members of the USF community are welcome to attend!  Contact Dr. Matt Kessler ( to get the Zoom invite.


Current MA Applied Linguistics student, Ennis Cruz Gonzalez (pictured above), and recent MA alumna, Jennifer Rives, will present “Critical Pedagogy in EAP: Promoting Social Justice and Advocacy in Small/Large Classes” at the annual Sunshine State TESOL conference Please join us for a preview of their talk during the October 30 LINGO meeting at noon. All are welcome – please contact Dr. Matt Kessler ( to get the Zoom invite.



On Friday, December 13, 2019 our Academic Services Administrator Ms. Claudine Boniec received the Individual Award, which is given to the most effective members of the Staff of the College of Arts and Sciences. Even more importantly, Ms. Boniec received the coveted CAS Award, which was selected from the Individual Award pool by the Dean’s Office. In other words, Ms. Boniec is the CAS Administrator of the Year! As one of the supporting letters noted: “Everything Claudine does is of high quality, precise, and punctual. She is the best kind of colleague and an outstanding source of support to the faculty.”


PhD student Yaqian Jiang and Applied Linguistics Professor Camilla Vasquez have just had their article, “Exploring local meaning-making resources: A case study of a popular Chinese internet meme (biaoqingbao),” published in Internet Pragmatics.  Their article focuses on multiple iterations of one popular Chinese meme.  It is one of the first studies in the field of Linguistics to explore the textual and visual resources mobilized by Chinese social media users to comment on a range of social issues.


Prof. Brescia was interviewed as part of a documentary titled "Juan José Arreola. El actor del conocimiento" about the life and works of Mexican writer Juan José Arreola in September 2019. 


Dr. Huensch was selected for her proposal for national collaboration with Dr. Charlie Nagle from Iowa State University titled "Intelligibiligy, comprehensibility, and accentedness in second language Spanish". As a UNI award recipient, Dr. Huensch will be a valuable ambassador for USF and advance our reputation as a research university with global impact.


Research Grant Awarded

Dr. Amanda Huensch was awarded a Language Learning Early Career Research Grant to fund her project, ‘A longitudinal investigation of the intelligibility, comprehensibility, and accentedness of beginning learners of Spanish’. This work will contribute to a better understanding of second language pronunciation development. Congratulations Dr. Huensch!

Multicultural Community Faculty Advisor of the Year awarded to Dr. Olga Oleynik

We are proud to announce WLE’s Russian Instructor Dr. Olga Oleynik was recognized as Multicultural Community Faculty Advisor of the Year. Congratulations Dr. Oleynik!

Mark Lane-Holbert Selected by U.S. Department of State for Prestigious English Language Teaching Fellowship

The U.S. Department of State announced the selection of Mark R. Lane-Holbert (MA Applied Linguistics), a current adjunct instructor German in WLE, for a 10-month fellowship project conducting teacher training for English teachers in Colombia at the Bi-National Center Centro Colombo-Americano. He is one of only 172 U.S. citizens selected for the 2018-2019 English Language Fellow Program, spread across 110+ countries. Congratulations Mark!

Research Grant Awarded

Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura, with Dr. Joe Moxley (English Department) and Dr. Philip Durrant (Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter), were successful in receiving a University of Exeter/ USF World Research Catalyst Fund grant for the 2018-2019 academic year for their project ‘My Reviewers Doctoral Exchange’. This grant will support the exchange of a University of Exeter EdD TESOL student who will spend the fall semester at USF and a USF PhD student in the Linguistics and Applied Language Studies program who will spend the spring semester at the University of Exeter. Both students will be working with Drs. Tracy-Ventura, Moxley, and Durrant on the MyReviewers corpus which was created at USF. Congratulations Dr. Tracy-Ventura!

Faculty Lecture Series: Luther's Legacy in Germany's Culture

As a part of the Department of Religious Studies Faculty Lecture Series,Dr. Stephan K. Schindler, Professor of German and Chair, USF Deparment of World Languages will present his lecture "Luther's Legacy in Germany's Culture". Please join us for this thought-provoking lecture Thursday, February 8th 2018 7pm in CWY 206. This event counts as a pre-approved, on-campus event for the Global Citizen Award.

A Visit from the Greek Ambassador to the U.S., Haris Lalacos

On January 30, 2018, the Greek Ambassador to the United States, Haris Lalacos, accompanied by the Consul General in Tampa, Dimitrios Sparos, visited the University of South Florida. In their meetings with the Dean and a group of professors who teach Greek-related subjects, they discussed ways in which the Embassy and the Greek state could benefit our Programs (Study Abroad, etc.). The World Languages Department participated in the discussions with its Chair, Dr. Stephan Schindler, and Drs. Eleni Manolaraki and Ippokratis Kantzios.


Research Grant awarded

Dr. Jason Nethercut was awarded a grant to spend three weeks at the Fondation Hardt in Geneva Switzerland to work on his book project "Lucretius and Ennius' Annales: Revisionary Poetics." The Foundation is one of the most prestigious venues in the field of Classics to work, and their grants are highly competitive. Congratulations Dr. Nethercut!

Visiting Scholar, Dr. Lourdes Ortega

Dr. Lourdes Ortega visits USF from Georgetown University to help celebrate the inauguration of the Linguistics and Applied Language Studies Ph.D. program in the Department of World Languages. Dr. Ortega is pictured (far right) with Applied Linguistics faculty members (right to left) Drs. Camilla Vasquez, Nicole Tracy-Ventura, and Wei Zhu after her talk entitled SLA, Multilingualism, and Social Justice.

Visiting Scholar, Dr. Àngels Llanes

The Department of World Languages was delighted to host Dr. Àngels Llanes (University of Lleida) for two months during the Fall 2017 semester. Her research focuses on the effects of learning context and age on second language acquisition, and she has carried out a number of studies comparing the learning of English as a foreign language in study abroad and at-home contexts, and between children and adults. During her stay she gave two presentations for faculty and students, and visited some of the applied linguistics classes.


Faculty Awarded Grant

Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura and Dr. Amanda Huensch have been awarded a prestigious research grant from Language Learning’s Small Grants Research Program for pursuing their collaborative study: “Investigating foreign language attrition, maintenance, and development post-instruction and study abroad.”  They will be continuing a longitudinal study that began in 2011 to examine the long-term evolution of foreign language proficiency. Congratulations Dr. Tracy-Ventura and Dr. Huensch!

Faculty Honor

The Classical Preparatory Academy, a successful charter school focused on a Classics curriculum, honored Dr. Eleni H. Manolaraki for her service and her commitment to a pre-college education in Classics. She was presented with the award at the school’s annual fundraising gala on April 9th. Dr. Manolaraki spoke on the enduring value of Classical antiquity as a school subject. You can read her address here. Congratulations Dr. Manolaraki!

Faculty TESOL Honor

The TESOL Association (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) is honoring Dr. Amanda Huensch as one of their 30 Up and Coming, which “recognizes individuals who represent future leaders in the profession of English language teaching and learning”. Congratulations Dr. Huensch!

Faculty Publication Award

Dr. Anne Latowsky has won the annual award for the Best First Book written by a member of the Southeastern Medieval Association for Emperor of the World: Charlemagne and the Construction of Imperial Authority, 800-1229 (Cornell UP, 2013). Congratulations Dr. Latowsky!