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Scholarships & Opportunities

FALL 2022

Opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students: scholarships, grants, foreign exchange programs, teaching abroad, contests, etc. 

Organized by semester, with the newest deadlines at the top and the oldest deadlines at the bottom.

study abroad france

Teaching Assistant Program in France
Applications for the 2023-2024 school year will open mid-Oct 2022


Japanese Exchange & Teaching Program
The 2023 JET Application will open September 2022

mikos spring 2022 scholarship

USF Miklos Scholarship (need French citizenship)
Deadline to apply: 6/1/2022

a call for sociology paper

Deadline for International Conference "Sociology of Pandemic" - ISA RC47
Deadline to submit Abstract: 5/31/2022

russian studies award spring 2022

USF Russian Studies Award 2022
Deadline to apply: 5/5/2022

Opportunities for all 2022

Summer 2022 Internship Opportunities
Deadline to apply: 4/25/2022

Latin American SciFi Travel Grant

USF Latin American Sci-Fi Fiction Travel Grant
Deadline to apply: 3/15/2022

german word contest

Your Favorite German Word- Video Contest
Deadline to submit: 11/8/2021