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Wednesday, February 19th 2020
MSC 2709 -  5:15pm - 7:00pm

Salam dear friends! This event observed the history of the Arabic Language, its impart in the world, and transcendence into the realm of religion, literature, and arts. There were presentations of beautiful Arabic Poetry of the great Andalusian poet Ibn Zaydun and the princess Wallada, that narrated their amazing love story. Amazing Mediterranean food was served and all USF students were welcome!


Golden Gates: Russian Folk Culture Presentations

Poster for the Golden Gates:Russian Folk Culture Presentations
February 12, 2020
11:00-12:15 (MSC 3707)  &  2:30-3:20 (MSC 3709) 

Golden Gates, a cultural youth exchange program, offered audiences an entertaining and authentic glimpse into Russian folklore through music, song, and dance. The group performed with traditional Russian instruments and the repertoire represented the rich cultural diversity, ranging from humorous couplets, to sophisticated lyrical suites, and dynamic dance numbers. 



Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020 - 3:30pm at Marshall Center 3709

Professor Nerenberg is Hollis Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures, as well as Professor of Italian at Wesleyan University. She is the president of the American Association for Italian Studies. Her lecture was titled "For Personal Reasons: Pathways of Nostalgia in Paolo Sorrentino's Television and Cinema". Refreshments were provided by the Italian Club from Mazarro's Italian Market.



November 14, 2019
CPR 459  1:00-2:00pm

In collaboration with the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit, we hosted a workshop Introduction to Court Interpreting. Students learned about new opportunities in the field and how to navigate the certification process. All the WLE students were welcome. 


Deutschland - Wunderbar together

This year, Germany is celebrating "Deutschland -- Wunderbar together" to highlight its historic and ongoing transatlantic relationship with the US. On April 1, 2019, Dr. Margit Grieb and        Dr. Stephan K. Schindler, in cooperation with Lt. Col. Benjamin Schleider from the German Embassy, organized an event welcoming a contingency of young officers from several military branches who gave short presentations on Germany, NATO, and the European Union and engaged in dialogues with some sixty USF students in the audience.

Six military officers from several military branches are gathered together for the Wunderbar together event. They are standing outside under a tree while smiling at the camera.