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J.Live Talk 2018 Finalist

Rida Mughal, an Accounting student in Japanese V, has been selected as one of the top 3 finalists in Category I (intermediate low to intermediate-mid level speaking proficiency) to compete at the J.Live (Japanese Learning Inspired Vision and Engagement) Talk 2018, a TED talk-style speech competition that emphasizes a comprehensive range of learned communication skills, held at the George Washington University in Washington D.C. on November 11, 2018. Another student in Japanese V, Paige Livingston (an International Studies major and Linguistics minor student) was selected as one of the 6 semi-finalists for the same competition and is currently one of the alternates of the Category I finalists.

Congratulations, Rida-san and Paige-san for your accomplishments! The Japanese section wishes Rida-san all the best at the competition in November!

J.Live Talk 2018 Finalists

Chinese Bridge International Proficiency Competition 2018

John Klumpp has completed USF's third year Chinese courses and has participated in USF's Chinese Learning in the Culture summer study abroad program in China. He began preparing to participate in the Chinese Bridge International Proficiency Competition last summer and this past spring won the competition held by USF's Confucius Institute. On July 10th, John finished first in the competitions quarterfinals and successfully moved on to the nationally televised semifinals. The semifinals concluded 7/26 with John finishing first in the Americas group and moving on to the finals. There John will compete as one of the top 15 participants from around the world. Congratulations John!

Hayley Jayson, French MA student and TA, has enrolled in Brown University’s PhD in French Studies program. Her offer of admission includes five years of full funding support and opportunities to teach or research in France

CAMWS International Latin Translation Contest Winners

The Classics section congratulates our students Eric Carson, Michael Mortellaro, Somiyah Mughni, and Melanie Trump for their award –winning performances in the CAMWS International Latin Translation Contest ( The contest, which measures Latin attainment across diverse institutions, textbooks, and teaching methods in the United States and Canada, placed our students among the top 10% of participants.

Kudos also goes to Dr. Robert (Buddy) Hedrick, our Latin magister, for training such a great group of scholars. Another strong year for Classics!

Law School Acceptance

Juan Andrés Mata, a former World Languages Student of Dr. Latowsky in French, has been accepted Washington University in St. Louis with a generous scholarship. The school is ranked #18 in the nation and has incredible programs/faculty geared towards international law.

World Languages Research Colloquium 4/13/18

Click on the names below to see photos of WLE's graduate student presenters in action!

Corin D. Newman

Fabio Suárez Garcia

Jenny A. Caro

Eileen Valdés

Marcy Brandt

Olga Martinez Manso

Luisa F. Villamil

Jessica Giovanni, LALS Ph.D. student, has been selected to be a 2018 A.W. Mellon Fellow in Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL). She received a $1,500 award to attend a summer workshop at Carnegie Mellon University to explore various technologies used for language learning and the skills required to apply them in order to achieve better learning outcomes. Congratulations Jessica!

On March 29, 2018 Addie Sayers China successfully defended her dissertation, “Beyoncé as a Semiotic Resource: Visual and Linguistic Meaning Making and Gender in Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest.” Addie’s committee included Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura, Dr. Camilla Vásquez (chair), Dr. Amy Thompson, and Dr. Michelle Hughes Miller. In August, Dr. Sayers China will begin her new position as an Assistant Professor of English at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. We wish her all the best!

On Oct 24, 2017 Yunhyun Lee successfully defended his dissertation, “Lexical Stress Features Affecting the Recognition of English Loanwords in Korean by Native English Hearers”. The committee included Dr. Amanda Huensch (chair), Dr. Sanghoon Park, Dr. Amy Thompson, and Dr. Nicole Tracy-Ventura. Congratulations Yunhyun

The LALS doctoral faculty congratulate Ph.D. student, Judith Bridges, on the publication of her first solo-authored article! Judith's article, which appears in the journal, Discourse, Context and Media, explores gendered metapragmatics on Twitter. (Coincidentally, an article about humorous Chat posts on Tumblr, co-authored by MA Alumni, Samantha Creel, and Applied Linguistics professor, Dr. Camilla Vásquez, also appears in the same issue of the journal.

LALS Ph.D. student, Ramona Kreis, recently published two solo-authored articles: one in the Journal of Language and Politics and the other in Discourse & Communication.
Ramona's research addresses political discourse in social media. Great work Ramona!

2017 Ph.D. graduates, Yi Zhang and Jelena Vuksanovic, have recently accepted faculty positions. This fall, Yi will be starting a position as Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University and Jelena will be a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Idaho. Congratulations, Yi and Jelena - and best of luck to you both in your new positions!

Kathryn Ashmore, who graduated with a BA in German Studies in 2016, received a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellowship at Gymnasium Melle in Germany. Kathryn will start her ETA assignment in the fall of 2017. Congratulations, Kathryn!

Recent Applied Linguistics MA graduates are ready to embark on new adventures. Jessica Giovanni (right) will begin her doctoral studies with us in the new LALS (Linguistics and Applied Language Studies) PhD program starting this fall. Samantha Creel (left) is a recipient of a Critical Languages Scholarship as well as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant Fellowship. Samantha will continue her intensive study of Arabic in Oman this summer, and will begin her ETA assignment in Bahrain in the fall. Congratulations to both!

Anne Marie Shaughnessy, a graduate of the M.A. Linguistics:TESOL program, was recently granted a U.S. Fulbright Scholarship as an English Teaching Assistant in the country of Colombia. Ms. Shaughnessy is very excited to begin her work in Colombia this summer, and the Applied Linguistics faculty send her off with very best wishes!