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Summer 2021: 

USF Japan Culture, History and Society 

This three-week intensive academic course is designed to facilitate a successful knowledge base of Japan. Overall concepts investigated include Japanese culture, history, and society. This course seeks to nurture students' multicultural awareness which is needed to successfully navigate in today's society. For more information, please click here. Application Deadline: February 15th

USF Nice - French Language and Culture

French Language and Culture in Nice is conducted in collaboration with French language institute France Langue. The program is designed to be an intensive language learning program with language classes taught by the host institution as well as a cultural immersion through local excursions and activities. The program features French language courses from beginning language to advanced and proficiency level courses, taught by the host institution in small classes to facilitate learning. Cultural excursions such as monument, museum, and neighborhood visits, organized by the host institution, complement and enrich student learning. For more information, please click here. Application deadline: January 31

USF Morocco Arabic Language

This four- week language program is designed to develop your Arabic language skills, enhance your multicultural knowledge about North Africa, and increase your experience of various aspects of Moroccan culture, history, and diverse civilization. This program provides students with options to choose from a variety of course options in many disciplines beside the Arabic courses such as Political science, Middle Eastern studies, international relations, and so on.

USF in Spain Language and Culture 

This program, under the direction of USF St. Pete and Education Abroad, is centered in Madrid, Spain’s cosmopolitan capital-- a city of rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage. It consists of a full-range of curricular options for the student of Spanish language, culture, literature and film. For more information, click here. Application deadline: TBA

USF Salamanca - Spanish Language and Culture 

Enhance your knowledge of the Spanish language first hand through immersion in Spanish culture! Take intensive language courses with established institute Estudio Sampere while overseas with USF faculty! And all while earning direct USF credit and making progress toward meeting foreign language and summer enrollment graduation requirements. For more information, click here. Application deadline: January 31

Future possibilities:


USF Costa Rica Spanish Language (dates TBA)

Costa Rica offers a variety of scenarios where students participating in the Engineering program can see thermodynamics in action, and the Costa Rican approach to ecological principles. The Spanish Language program with Evguenia Davenport is designed to accelerate and enhance students' knowledge of the Spanish language, while at the same time allowing them to become immersed in Costa Rican culture. Students engage in an applied language experience in the classroom with friendly host families ready to bring students into their homes and cultures. For more information, click here. Application Deadline: TBA

USF Germany Summer (dates TBA) 

The program includes several site visits in Düsseldorf: a city site-seeing tour (incl. the Altstadt, Germany’s equivalent of “Bourbon Street”), a climb up the iconic TV tower, a trip to the Neanderthal valley and museum, and a river cruise to nearby Kaiserswerth with its medieval town square and castle ruins. Every week there are major excursions to other German cities and famous sites. Students will tour the famous Rhine Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site) with medieval castles, vineyards, and historic towns. They will also visit iconic cathedrals, a fortress, and museums in the cities of Koblenz, Cologne, and Aachen. All trip transportation, accommodations and admission fees are included. On weekends students may travel on their own to other destinations.
Application Deadline: TBA

Portuguese Language in Brazil (dates TBA)

Join Celia Paula Davies in Florianópolis, affectionately called "Floripa." Take classes on the host university campus - Universidade do Sul de Santa Catarina. Learn Portuguese while coursing studies on ethnicity and society and international political economy in English. Experience the unique culture of Florianópolis by living with host families. Enjoy cultural activities and excursions as you learn Portuguese.

USF in Russia (Summer 2022)

Participate in a six-week intensive language program located in the heart of Moscow, Russia. This program led by Dr. Olga Oleynik is hosted at Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU), the top-rated university located in Moscow -- Russia's political and economic capital. The program has been designed to accelerate and deepen students' knowledge of the Russian language, and appreciation of the rich culture and history of the country.