Listed below are USF student organizations/clubs relevant to the exploration and celebration of different languages and cultures. Feel free to reach out to the student clubs via their social media links down below and to attend a meeting or event anytime throughout the year!

We also follow and repost student clubs/organizations frequently, so feel free to follow our department on instagram as well.

(Listed underneath each club are also latest events and/or club flyers)

French Club

french club event

Come join us in our last event for the semester tomorrow at the msc!

Conversation & Game Night:
(Wednesday) April 13th, 2022
MSC 2702 @ 7:15pm - 8:15pm

German Culture Club

Italian Club

Japanese Clubs

Japanese Culture Club

Japanese Language Club

Russian Language and Culture Association

Spanish (Club de Español)

  • Bullsconnect
    (MYUSF > My Resources > BullsConnect > Sign in > Search "Club de Español"
  • Instagram: @usfcde

4/13/2022: Elections announcement!!! We need you to run or vote!!!

club de espanol elections spring 2022

May 2nd, 2022

Our newly elected officers for the Club de Español (Tampa campus)!