Language Tutoring

Tutoring on global languages (for current students) is available at all three USF campuses. Please refer to your campus to learn more about how you can attend a language tutoring session. 

Additionally, check out the virtual foreign exchange program between students of the Italian program at USF and students from the University of Naples L'Orientale, Italy!

USF sarasota-manatee CAMPUS

Tutoring on the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus is offered through Learning Support Services. More information about the services offered is available on the Sarasota-Manatee Campus website. Once you are ready to schedule an appointment, please access the scheduler.

USF St. Petersburg Campus

French and Spanish tutoring on the St. Petersburg campus is offered, in-person, through the Debbie Nye Sembler Student Success Center. Please refer to the website for more information.

 USF Tampa Campus

Spring 2022 *(Tutoring is NOT offered over the Summer term)*

WLE Tutoring Policy

You can work with a tutor for a 30-minute block of time. If there are no other students waiting to be tutored, then a tutor can work with you for up to 60 minutes. However, this is up to the tutor’s discretion as the regular tutoring time for all students is 30 minutes. Please be aware that at busy times, tutors may need to work with multiple students at once. At these peak times, it is up to the tutor’s discretion how all waiting students will be tutored.

Information for Students

Tutoring is provided online in the Spring 2022 semester. We encourage students to plan their tutoring sessions in advance and recommend that students follow these steps:

  1. Review the WLE Tutoring Policy. Please note that by receiving tutoring, you agree to abide by the WLE Tutoring policy, which is in place to ensure that we can fairly serve as many students as possible.
  2. Check the tutoring schedule to determine tutors’ availability and schedule an appointment. You can learn more about the tutors before you schedule from their bios below.
  3. Visit our Bookings page to schedule an appointment: https://outlook.office365.com/owa/calendar/USFLanguageTutoring@usfedu.onmicrosoft.com/bookings/
    (For Japanese tutoring, you can join a tutoring session during the tutoring hours (T noon-4pm; W noon-4pm; TR noon-2pm) using the meeting link below (no appointment necessary). https://teams.microsoft.com/l/channel/19%3adce9ccc04cd2423bb5d9e98e99853163%40thread.tacv2/General?groupId=90eb94bc-1e0e-49db-ab3c-f4eeb11c243e&tenantId=741bf7de-e2e5-46df-8d67-82607df9deaa
  1. When scheduling your appointment please include your name, U-number, Class/Instructor and any details regarding your learning/tutoring needs in the "Notes" section.
  2. You will receive a confirmation email and an invitation to add the appointment to your calendar. Please notify your tutor in advance if the appointment needs to be changed or cancelled.
  3. Your appointment will take place on Microsoft Teams. Your tutor will coordinate with you for your virtual tutoring session. Any questions should be directed to the tutor via email.

Tutoring services are offered for free during the Fall and Spring semesters. The schedule will be posted at the beginning each semester.

Meet Your Tutors

Firoz Ahmed - Linguistics

 Firoz Ahmed

Hello, my name is Firoz. I’m currently doing my second Masters in Linguistics: English as a Second Language at the Department of World Languages, University of South Florida.

Before this, I was working as an ‘Assistant Professor’ at the Department of English, Comilla University, Bangladesh since July 01, 2016. I joined there as a ‘Lecturer’ on July 01, 2013 and I'm currently on Study Leave. I also worked as an ‘Assistant Lecturer’ at the Department of English, Gono University, Bangladesh from November 03, 2012, to June 27, 2013.

Earlier, I completed both MA and BA in English (Hons.) from the Department of English, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh in the respective year of 2011 & 2010. I enjoy teaching and believe that it is a two-way process where both teachers and learners can create a learning-friendly setting to bring out the best possible outcomes of the knowledge.

In my teaching career, I've handled courses like: Reading, Listening, Writing, English Language Teaching, Teaching ESL/EFL Skills, Sociolinguistics, and Psycholinguistics. Moreover, I have several published research works. My interest is to work on Multilingualism, Methods of ESL, Writing, Reading, TESOL, and Digital Literacy.

Email: fahmed305@usf.edu

Ghadah Benitez - Conversational Arabic and Linguistics

 A female tutor named Ghadah Benitez

My name is Ghadah Benitez and I am a second-year Masters Degree Student in Applied Linguistics. I have experience with university-level research and projects, public school education, and private sector instruction. 

I learned to conversate in Arabic growing up around family and villagers in Palestine. My interests are cross-cultural communication where we build bridges of relating no matter how different we may seem. I love to write and read. I enjoy when I write things that write themselves and inspiration is sparked from wells of experience and wisdom over the years. 

I am currently interning at an Islamic School that includes students from all countries in the middle east. I am involved in creating curriculum, lesson plans as well as teaching ELL students. 

I have five children, 2 have graduated from USF and now I go to them for advice about everything. The parenting role has switched somehow. I don’t mind it at all. 

Email: ghadahrahman@usf.edu

Max Chamberlain - Spanish







My name is Max Chamberlain. After my family moved around the US, we finally settled down in Huron, South Dakota. I received a Bachelors in Music Education at Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. Before coming to Tampa, I taught 7th and 8th grade choir in Great Bend, Kansas for 4 years. In my free time I like to lift weights, explore random places, play Pokemon Go (Go Team Valor!), play video games, rock out on my guitar, and hang out with my cat Luna Tic. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Email: chamberlain19@usf.edu


Kayla Figueroa - Spanish





Hi, my name is Kayla Figueroa! I am a graduate student at USF in the Applied Linguistics: TESL program. I am a Tampa native who also went to USF for my Undergraduate degree in Spanish and Applied Linguistics. I am very passionate about learning and languages, so I am excited to help others find that passion too! I love to travel and experience new cultures. In my free time, I enjoy trying new places to eat, exploring new trails, and checking out new coffee shops around town.

Email: figueroak@usf.edu



Rikiya Kawano - Japanese

Rikiya Kawano

Hi, my name is Rikiya Kawano. I am an international graduate student from Hyogo, Japan.  My major is Applied Linguistics, and this is my first year at USF. I received a Bachelors in Cross Cultural Studies from Kansai University in Osaka, Japan. 

I have been teaching and tutoring Japanese for about five years. I worked at a middle school in San Francisco as an assistant teacher for two years. After that, I worked as a Japanese language instructor at a language school in Brazil. In the last couple of years, I've tutored Japanese online. I have taught many kinds of students with various cultural backgrounds.

I am also very passionate about learning different languages. I have been learning Portuguese for several years. Therefore, I speak basic Portuguese. I am also learning Spanish now.

In my free time, I love making Hip Hop music, running, and hiking. I loved traveling before the pandemic- I've traveled to about 20 countries so far. I also like to watch Anime such as “Demon Slayer” and “Cowboy Bebop.”

Email: rikiyak@usf.edu

Moritz Kramer - German

Moritz Kramer

Hi, I’m Mo!

I just graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Economics, and now I’m a Linguistics (ESL) grad student, planning on teaching German at the Community College Level. 

I grew up in Germany, was drafted after high school, and did my two years of service in the Bundeswehr (German Army). After being honorably discharged, I did an apprenticeship in construction. At that time, I played football at the Bielefeld Bulldogs and developed a passion for American sports and customs. Eventually, I decided to change career paths and move to the United States to study.

In my free time, I enjoy reading and working out. My favorite authors are currently Susan Cain and Colleen Hoover. I’m very passionate about traveling and learning from different cultures. I did my first semester at College of the Desert in Palm Desert, California. After that, I went to Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, and finally moved to St. Petersburg, Florida.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can assist you with German grammar, pronunciation, or just general homework assignments. I am more than happy to help!

Email: Kramer6@usf.edu

Anastasiya Pylypenko - Russian/Spanish


Hi, my name is Anastasia, and I’ve always enjoyed languages, literature and writing as much as traveling and learning about different cultures.

I’m originally from Ukraine, I have visited 16 countries, and I’ve been teaching English as a second language for over 8 years after my Future Leader’s Exchange year in the USA, where I completed 100 hours of volunteering and got the President’s Volunteering Service award back in 2012. I have acquired a bachelor’s degree in Philology (English and Spanish Language and Literature) at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, I also studied modern languages in Spain at the University of Deusto as an Erasmus student.

I am fluent in five languages so far (English, Russian, Spanish, Ukrainian and Polish), and I am constantly working on learning new ones, I used to study Farsi and now I’m trying to learn French.

I got a bit familiar with Euskera while studying in Northern Spain.

Teaching is another passion of mine. While working as a tutor, I’ve met so many different people of different ages and backgrounds. While teaching them, I observed their life change, I have shared their achievements and experiences, such as students going to study abroad after passing their tests, kids reaching the top of their class and adults finding the job they wanted, etc.

I also have translating and interpreting experience, as I used to work as an interpreter in Chicago for 2 years, interpreting at immigration and asylum interviews at USCIS.

Now I’m a graduate student at USF, majoring in Applied linguistics.

I’ll be more than happy to share everything I know about Russian and Spanish languages. Language always comes with literature and culture and a whole new life approach and that’s what makes it exciting.

I dream of becoming a college professor one day, research and learn more languages and cultures and share everything I know with my students.

Email: anastasiyap@usf.edu

Sarah Rahman - French and Linguistics

Sarah Rahman

Hello, my name is Sarah. I recently graduated from the Ohio State University with a B.A. in English and Linguistics, with a minor in French. I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in Linguistics, with a concentration of teaching English as a second language here at USF.

I call Dubai, U.A.E., home but I’m excited to be here at Tampa. In my free time I like reading, watching movies, drinking lots of tea and going on long walks. Having grown up speaking both Bengali and English, I have a deep appreciation for languages.

I love working with students, and I’m looking forward to teaching French as part of the Department of World Language’s tutoring program. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have!

Email: rahmans@usf.edu

Oxana Sidorova - Spanish and Russian

Oxana Sidorova

My name is Oxana Sidorova. I speak English, Spanish, and Russian and have taught the three languages to students of different ages, with 2-year-olds being the youngest and 56-year-old being the oldest. I have lived in five countries, one of them being India, and I have worked as a language educator in various contexts in Russia, Mexico, Colombia, and the US. I enjoy teaching and I love showing effective strategies of learning languages to my students.

After receiving my MA in Latino/a and Latin American Studies from the University of Connecticut, I started my PhD at the Applied Linguistics program in the Department of World Languages at USF. I am very interested in such topics as bilingualism and multilingualism, SLA, intercultural competence, the role of language in identity construction, and indigenous language revitalization and preservation. More importantly, I am passionate about seeing how all these topics are applied in real life.

I love sunny weather and the ocean, so I am happy to have moved to Tampa. I enjoy painting and I like watching the Bob’s Burgers show. I look forward to meeting everyone!

Email: oxanasidorova@usf.edu


Italian Tandem Project

The Italian program at the University of South Florida is delighted to announce Tandem Project (Progetto Tandem), a great opportunity to engage in an online exchange between students of the Italian program at USF and Italian students from the University of Naples L'Orientale!

The Tandem Project was established in 2021 through a collaboration between Prof. Patrizia La Trecchia, head of the Italian Program at the University of South Florida, and Prof. Giuseppe Balirano, the President of the University of Naples L'Orientale Language Center (CLAOR Centro Linguistico di Ateneo Università L'Orientale) in Italy. 

We encourage our students of Italian to take advantage of it! If you would like to participate in the exchange program, please:

  1. Scan the QR code with your phone's camara app to be directed to the Google Doc sign-up sheet (active since Feb, 2022).
  2. Add your name and email to get signed up!

For more information on the Project Tandem collaboration between the USF Italian Program and the University of Naples L'Orientale Language Center, please visit their Progetto Tandem page.