Graduate Students

Are you interested in attending USF for Graduate School? Besides the typical Health Professional graduate programs (Medical School, Dental School, Veterinary School, Chiropractic School, Podiatric Medical School, Optometry School, Physician Assistant School, and Physical Therapy School) there are many options for graduate programs for health related careers.

If you are interested in attending a Health Professional program, but are not as competitive academically to be granted admission, you can look into USF's one-year Masters in Medical Sciences Pre-Professional program degree. This program is geared towards students interested in all Health Professional careers.

If you are interested in attending Medical School, but lack the academic competitiveness for admission, look into USF's one-year Masters in Medical Science with a concentration in Interdisciplinary Medical Science (IMS). This program is only geared for students interested in Medical School.

Are you looking to enhance your application to a professional degree program (PharmD/MD/DO/DMD) or advanced degree program such as a Ph.D.? If so, USF's Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology, which focuses on emerging technologies, drug discovery and development, and personalized medicine, will provide the foundational knowledge needed when entering these fields.

If you are interested in a Graduate program for health related areas such as Chemistry, Biology, Public Health, Athletic Training, etc., please research the USF Graduate School webpage.