Post-Baccalaureate Students

Are you interested in attending a Health Professional school and you have already attained a Bachelor's degree, but have not started or completed the required courses for admission to a Health Professional program?

There are two options to assist you on your journey to your desired career.

  1. You can attend USF as a non-degree seeking student and complete the required prerequisite courses for admission into a Health Professional program.
  2. You can attend USF to obtain a second Bachelor's degree in a major that contains the required prerequisites for admission into a Health Professional program.

Carefully research and consider both options before deciding. Research information about becoming a non-degree seeking student as well as the major you might want to pursue if you decide to obtain a second Bachelor’s degree. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Be aware that here at USF priority is given to students who have not yet obtained a Bachelor's degree, so both Post-bacc and non-degree seekers register after current undergraduate students. However we do have many students who attend USF as post-baccalaureate students to complete the required courses for admission into their dream career.

You should review the rest of the Health Professions Website for additional information about competitiveness and co-curricular activities.   

Information for Students who Attended Out-of-State and Private Institutions

If you have taken previous math or science courses at your undergraduate institution and the university was not a Florida public school, you will need to have your courses evaluated here at USF to determine what they are equivalent to in order to move on in your education. The evaluation process takes up to 3 weeks and requires submission of syllabi.

Below are links to the evaluation process for each department:


There are a few different reasons students would need to request a permit:

  • If they recently had an evaluation approved.
  • If you are receiving an error for a course for which you believe you should be able to register.
  • If you took a prerequisite from another institution that has not yet been processed by admission (note: it generally takes 6-8 weeks for the USF Office of Admissions to process transcripts). For example, if you plan to begin in Fall, your Spring and Summer coursework will most likely not be processed by the time you are able to register. The permit process allows students to attach an unofficial transcript showing proof of prerequisite completion and be granted a temporary permit. Student will still need to have their official transcripts processed by USF Admissions, but the permit system allows them to register in the interim.

Each department issues permits for their own courses, and you can find the permit request page on each department's advising page (and below). Be sure to attach a screenshot or unofficial transcript showing completion of the prerequisite coursework, your full name, the institution name and the course name. Permits do not roll over from semester to semester so you may need to request a permit each semester.