Meet with an Advisor

Before meeting one-on-one with a Health Professions advisor, students must first attend a virtual group advising session. The USF Division of Health Professions Advising Office offers virtual group advising sessions run by Health Professions Advising Staff. Upcoming group advising sessions can be found on our event calendar on the home page of our website here.

During a group advising session, the presenters wiill discuss competitiveness, GPA, rigor of semester scheduling, extracurricular activities, healthcare experiences, preparation for entrance examination, and more. Additionally, the Health Professions Advisors are available at the end of the session to answer questions about recommendations to build competitiveness, major options, suggestions for extracurricular activities and any other questions you may have. 

Students must then fill out a survey before emailing to schedule an appointment. 

For more information regarding additional workshops, please visit our workshops page.

After attending group advising you have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with your Certified Health Professions Advisor. Students with certified advisors in their own major must meet with those advisors below. Please email if you have any questions.

Additional Appointment Types:

Personal Statement Review: The Division of Health Professions Advising has partnered with the USF Writing Studio to offer Personal Statement Reviews specifically for pre-health students. After you have reviewed all information above and written multiple drafts, you may wish to take your personal statement to the USF Writing Studio. Please contact the USF Writing Studio to schedule an appointment with one of their consultants. Prior to that appointment, please review the resources located on our Essay Writing page.

Mock Interview: If you would like to practice your interview skills, you can schedule a Mock Interview with the USF Career Services Office in order to gain experience in a realistic interview setting. To schedule this type of appointment, please call the front desk of USF Career Services or make an appointment through Handshake. Prior to that appointment, please review the resources located on our Interviewing page.