Health Professions Workshops

The Health Professions Advisors are pleased to offer multiple Health Professions Workshops throughout the year. Workshops traditionally offered include:

  • Interview Workshop (for students preparing for an upcoming health profession program interview)
  • Admissions Tests Workshop (for students preparing to take the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, OAT, or GRE for health profession programs)
  • Personal Statement Workshop (for students preparing to submit their health profession personal statement)
  • Application Preparation Workshops (for students that are preparing to submit their health profession application within 6 months)
  • Sophomore Workshop (for students about 2 years from their application date)
  • Preparing for Application Year Workshop (for students about 1 year from their application date)

Workshop Descriptions

Interview Workshop for Admission to Health Profession Programs

This workshop assists students with preparation for professional school application interviews. The presentation will cover topics such as: what to wear, how to prepare, typical questions, etc. All students are welcome to attend- Recommended for Junior/Senior students.

Admissions Tests Workshop

This brief workshop will provide students with a better understanding of the required entrance examinations including the new 2015 MCAT. The MCAT is a required examination for students interested in attending most Medical Schools while the PCAT is required for Pharmacy School, the DAT is required for Dental School, the OAT is required for Optometry School. During the presentation you will learn what you'll be expected to know and how to prepare for the new exam including resources available to you at USF. All students are welcome to attend.

Personal Statement Workshop

This workshop will introduce students to the personal statement- an important requirement of the application process. Students will begin to reflect on their experiences, have the opportunity to review samples and learn valuable tips and tricks.  All students are welcome to attend- Recommended for students applying to a health profession program within one year.

Health Profession Application Preparation Workshop

This workshop will provide students with an overview of the application cycle, including timing of the application, and materials needed to submit. Recommended for students who are preparing to apply within 6 months.

Health Professions Workshop for Second Years

This crucial workshop will assist students entering the second year of their pre-health journeys in understanding the requirements and recommendations to maintain competitiveness. As your pre-health journey is separate from your path towards graduation, this workshop is geared towards students who have already been actively pursuing their health profession program for 1 year**. With most health professions applications being submitted at the end of junior year, it is crucial that students recognize the importance of building a competitive profile, which will be discussed at this workshop, beginning their sophomore year.
**Although many students may be sophomores, juniors and seniors who have only been preparing for admission for a health profession program for 1 year are candidates for this workshop.

Preparing for Application Year Workshop

The year leading up to your application date is considered your "application year". This crucial time is your last chance to complete coursework and activities that will appear on your application as well as prepare for the entrance examination. This workshop will provide important tips and reminders for students who are entering their application year (and therefore plan to apply in about 1 year).

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