Financial Aid

Applying to health profession programs can be very expensive. Most pre-health students should be prepared for the following expenditures:

  • primary application fee: approximately $750 for 15 schools
  • secondary application fee: approximately $1100 for 15 schools
  • entrance exam prep course: $1000 - $3000
  • entrance exam- 1 attempt: $160 - $350 (depending on the exam)
  • travel and overnight accomodations for interview: approximately $2000

Total: approximately $5,010 - $6,650 to apply to 15 schools

The above information is an estimation, actual cost will vary based on multiple factors.

Resources to Help

Also, get practical information on budgeting, money management, credit, debt management, scholarship searches, for Premed Students, Current Medical Students, Residents, or Physicians here.

Paying for Health Profession Programs
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Also, don't forget to check the websites of the institutions you are applying to. Some may have a very limited number of scholarships!