Funding Opportunities

The Humanities Institute is pleased to announce the 2021 Summer Grant award recipients. 

2021 Summer Grant Recipients

Kristin Allukian (English)
Slavery, Capitalism, & Women’s Literature: Economic Insights of American Women Writers, 1833-1868 

Travis R. Bell (Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications)
Breaking the Color Line: College Football, Social Change, and the 1969 FAMU-Tampa Football Game

John Fleming (English)
Dear Mr. Jefferson (A Novel)

Peter N. Funke (School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
Contextualizing the Black Lives Matter Movement

Diana Leon-Boys (Communication)
Princesa of the Periphery: Disney’s Flexible Latina Girl

Jose Maldonado (English)
The Haunt of Diana: Retórica Moribunda in Neoliberal Mexico

Zacharias Pieri (School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
Ballads of Hate: An Analysis of White Power Music and What This Tells Us about the Drivers of White Supremacy

Natalie Scenters-Zapico (English)
The Wall: A Collection of  Poems Using the Language of the Trump State against the Borderlands 

Yao Sun (Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications)
Lockdown Life on Twitter: A Semantic Analysis of #WorkFromHome Tweets

Davide Tanasi (History)
From Malta to Milwaukee and Back: Virtual Repatriation of Maltese Antiquities and the Cultural Biography of Archaeological Inheritance