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Humanities Institute faculty fellowship program

For several years, the Humanities Institute has been working towards the goal of establishing a faculty fellowship program to provide time and resources to USF faculty pursuing compelling scholarly or creative topics. Similar fellowships are offered by all of our aspirational peer institutions and establishing this program at HI is a major milestone.

For the pilot year, we received six outstanding applications—all worthy of funding and all demonstrating the exciting and innovative humanities research being done at USF. To encourage interdisciplinarity, three faculty members apply as a cohort and outline a central research question or topic they want to explore during the year. Open to all full-time permanent faculty in the USF system, each member of the cohort receives instructional release time, space in the HI suite, and other resources. In addition to working on their year-long project, fellows will conduct regular graduate student seminars, and assist with the annual Undergraduate Humanities Conference.

Special thanks to the CAS Dean’s Office, the HI Faculty Advisory Board, and department chairs for their support and input in developing this new program.

WHat's happening with the fellows?

Click below for the Microsoft Teams link and more information on the upcoming film screening and discussion on Oct. 29:

Fellows Film Screening

Click below to watch the first seminar hosted by the Faculty Fellows on Oct. 1, 2021
Event Faculty Fellows

meet the 2021-22 cohort

Research Theme: Re-imagining Blackness: Storytelling the End of the (Racialized) World

The faculty fellows are studying the theoretical underpinnings and legacy of legal scholar Derrick Bell’s provocative 1980s claim that racism is a permanent feature in American society and how that claim might inform USF’s goal to “understand and address blackness and anti-black racism.” Central to each faculty member’s research is the role of storytelling in subverting stubborn tales of race, gender, class, etc. that uphold inequality, replacing them with imagined worlds that may not exist, but are deeply yearned for. We’re delighted to create space for scholars from different schools and colleges to collaborate, discuss, create, and share their work with the larger USF community.

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