2020 Summer Grant Recipients

Elizabeth Aranda (Sociology and DO)
Legal Status and the Social and Emotional Well-Being of Young Adult Immigrants post DACA

Aaron Augsburger (School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
Articulating the Plurinational State: Indigenous Autonomy and State Transformation in Contemporary Bolivia

Heide Castaneda (Anthropology)
Colloquial Moroccan Arabic (CMA/Darija) Language Training in Preparation for Research Project: "Forced Immobility, Migrant Identities, and Solidarity Networks among Sub-Saharan Africans in Morocco"

Rachel May (Humanities and Cultural Studies)
Exploring Memory in the Context of "Post-Conflict" Colombia

Meredith Johnson (English)
Why Jews Don't Count: Classification and Anti-Semitism

Jason Nethercut (World Languages)
The Reception of Lucretius in the Roman Empire

Nathan Johnson (English)
Finding the Lost Rhetorical Canon: Recovering Memory for Writing and Speech

Quynh Nhu Le (English)
Decolonizing Rescue: Representations of Vietnamese Refugee Movements in U.S. Settlements

Joshua Rayman (Philosophy)
The History and Physics of Time in Nietzsche

Elizabeth Schotter (Psychology)
Investigating If Music Benefits Language Processing through Prediction