Current Summer Grant

Faculty research grants are made possible with funding from the USF Office of Research and Innovation. Each applicant is eligible for up to $5,000 for a summer research project.

Kristin Allukian (English)
Linked Labors: American Women Writers Confront Slavery and Capitalism, 1833-1910

Holly Dunn (School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
Emergent Law and Justice: The Unanticipated Outcomes of Legal Reform in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Peter Funke (School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
Logics of Social Movement Politics

Matthew King (History)
The Muslim Communities of Medieval Malta

Patrizia La Trecchia (World Languages)
Gastronomic Landscapes: Politics of Taste, Place, and Sustainability in Italian Media and Culture

Jolaosho Omotayo (Africana Studies- School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
Three Women (Break the Silence): A Performance Ethnography on Gender and Sexuality in South Africa

Frances Ramos (History)
The Rebirth of the Spanish Empire: Rumor, Propaganda, and the Crisis over Monarchical Succession

David Rubin (Women’s and Gender Studies)
Intersex and Trans Rage: Mobilizing Negative Affect

Nancy White (Anthropology)
Archaeological Investigation of the Lost Town of St. Joseph, 1836-41

Jongseok Woo (School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies)
The Ideological Basis of Military Control and Regime Resilience in Patrimonial North Korea