Past Summer Grant

2017 Summer Grant Recipients

Jennifer Cazenave (World Languages) An Archive of the Catastrophe: Recovering the Unused Footage of "Shoah"

James D'Emilio (Humanities and Cultural Studies) Cult, Cathedral, and Pilgrimage: St. James at Compostela

Tara Flynn Deubel (Anthropology) Waiting for Western Sahara: Sahrawi Poetry between Homeland and Exile

Brian Connolly (History) Sovereignty's Archive: The Vicissitudes of Democracy in Nineteenth-Century America

Emily Griffiths Jones (English) Romance, Narrative Vision, and Elect Community in Seventeenth-Century England

Jason Nethercut (World Languages) Lucretius and Ennius' Annales: Revisionary Poetics

Stephen K. Prince (History) Arresting Inequalities" Race and Policing in Jim Crow New Orleans

Jarod Rosello (English) Adventures of Red Panda and Moon Bear

Nicolas Thompson (School of Interdisciplinary Studies) Imagining the Fed: The Struggle for the Heart of the Federal Reserve (1914-1971)

Camilla Vasquez (World Languages) Language, Creativity and Humor in Digital Media