Student Travel

Presenting original research at academic conferences is a major achievement for a student at any level of their education. For undergraduates, it gives them a major advantage when applying to graduate programs and for graduate students, presenting research is an expected part of their scholarly activity.


Students who present at the Humanities Institute's Undergraduate Humanities Conference often go on to present at other USF conferences, the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, and the Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium hosted by Johns Hopkins.

One way the Humanities Institute supports student research is by providing funds to cover expenses such as conference registration and lodging. Have you been accepted to present at a conference and are interested in receiving funding? Contact Liz Kicak for more information on how the Humanities Institute can support your research.

National Undergraduate Humanities Symposium

USF students at the national undergraduate humanities symposium

Funding Eligibility: 2024 Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium 

23 USF undergraduate students and 3 Humanities Institute staff traveled to Baltimore, Maryland for the Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium at Johns Hopkins University on March 24-25, 2023.

This national conference brought together 150 undergraduate students from other colleges and universities around the country to share their work with their peers. This year's symposium featured 34 panels ranging from “Philosophy: Mortals & Machines” to “Mythical Literary Studies.” USF students presented in panels such as, “Cultural Studies: Women & the Economy” and “The Impact of Climate Change.” 

The students accepted to this symposium originally presented their research at our Undergraduate Humanities Conference in January. These students were amazing representatives of CAS and USF through their professionalism as well as peer support in panel attendance and engagement in scholarly dialogue at the Macksey Symposium.

We are proud of these students and thankful for donor support. Funding for the student's airfare, hotel, and registration was made possible by the Clara Cooper Endowed Fund for the Humanities Institute. We are actively looking for a sponsor for next year’s conference. Learn more about supporting undergraduate research and student travel.

Were you accepted to present at the 2024 Macksey Symposium in Baltimore? Are you presenting at the 5th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Conference at USF in January? You may be eligible to receive funding to cover the cost of registration, airfare, and lodging for the Symposium in March at Johns Hopkins University. View the funding eligibility requirements and contact Liz Kicak with your acceptance email. 

Student Testimonials

"Attending the Richard Macksey Undergraduate Research Symposium at John Hopkins University and representing the University of South Florida was nothing short of a life changing experience. It allowed me to witness not just how the study of the Humanities has impacted the collective history of the world, but why those studies matter to build a better tomorrow. Whether it be the information I gained from the student presenter panels to the chance I was given to expand my own abilities of professionalism, the Undergraduate Symposium was an undeniably well-rounded event that better prepared me for the world that lay ahead. I feel incredibly lucky to have attended such a coveted event because I know that not everyone has the opportunity or the means to participate in this realm of higher academia."

-Dane Clarke | English, Film and New Media Studies

"I was able to speak with people from a variety of disciplines concerning a matter of great importance that I am incredibly passionate about. I heard so many ideas from a variety of perspectives, and the diversity at this conference made it all the richer. I was able to listen to how feminism varies from West Africa to AI, and it greatly enriched my experience and my studies to be able to gain so much insight from other people."

-Peyton Mcmanus English

"These experiences have definitely enhanced my educational experience because as both a pre-med and humanities major, I am often repeatedly told that only scientific research and biological science or chemistry are integral to medicine, which in my humble opinion, is short-sighted. Through this experience I was able to explore research passions in the humanities and showcase the interdisciplinary bridge between science and the humanities. USF's support for its students attending the Macksey conference has given me invaluable confidence and platform to pursue further interests in the medical humanities which will be greatly beneficial for my desire to pursue a career as a physician and in global health."

-Nafisa Uddin Biomedical Sciences, International Studies '24

Ryan in the garden

Ryan's story

Ryan Grabau, a sophomore majoring in biomedical sciences and minoring in public health and deaf studies, was accepted to present his research at the International Health Conference at Oxford University, United Kingdom, June 2018. His work explores how Italian history, religion, and culture impacts that nation's current medical practices. However, the costs associated with attending the conference were significant. 

"I had no idea how I was going to afford it, and actually considered not attending simply due to the price. Presenting at conferences as an undergraduate is such a rare and exciting opportunity but I was faced face the hard truth that I might be able to attend simply because of lack of funding."

Given the interdisciplinary nature of his work and its strong grounding in the humanities, the Humanities Institute provided a small stipend that allowed Ryan to travel to Oxford and present his work. Annual gifts help us make funding like this available to many more students.