Undergraduate Humanities Conference


January 25-26, 2024 | Marshall Student Center

The 5th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Conference will be held Thursday, January 25 and Friday, January 26, 2024 on the 3rd floor of the USF Marshall Student Center.

The conference provides great experience for employment, graduate school, and to prepare for future conference presentations. Support from HI staff is available to help students prepare. Please view the Frequently Asked Questions below for common questions and more details.

Conference Schedule Coming Soon

Applications are closed for the 5th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Conference. Decision emails will be sent out by December 15, 2023. Students, please check your email for conference instructions. Schedule and more information coming soon.

Open to all USF undergraduate students, this conference is a platform to present midterm or final research projects in three formats: 

Paper for Panel Discussion  
The classic presentation method for most us. 8-10 minute oral presentation on a research paper. 
Creative Projects
Original works of fiction, poetry, visual art, etc. to be presented in a panel session or on display at the poster session. 
Poster Session
Students provide a visual representation of their research to display during the entire 2-day  conference. A 1-hour poster session will take place each day of the conference in which students will stand by their poster and discuss their research with conference attendees. We ask students to participate in at least 1 of the poster sessions.

  • Early Bird Application Deadline

    November 10

    Apply by Friday, November 10, 2023 to recieve a decision within 2 business days.

  • Standard Application Deadline

    December 8

    Applications to present at the 5th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Conference are due by Friday, December 8, 2023. All applications received after Nov. 10 will get their email decisions no later than December 15, 2023.

  • Application Decisions Sent

    December 15

    All application decisions will be sent out by Friday, December 15, 2023. If you have not recieved an email regarding your application or acceptance to the conference, please contact Liz Kicak.

  • 5th Annual Undergrad Humanities Conference

    January 25-26

    Thurday, January 25 - Friday, January 26, 2024
    USF Marshall Student Center 3rd Floor

  • Conference presenters

    frequently asked questions

    What information do I need for my application?

    When you're ready to apply, here's what we'll ask for in the application:

    • Name
    • Email
    • U-Number
    • Major(s)
    • Campus
    • Are you participating as part of a for-credit course?
    • Presentation Format (Poster Session, Paper for Panel Discussion, Creative Project)
    • Research category 
    • Title of project
    • Are you eating lunch at the conference? (Free breakfast and lunch is provided to student conference presenters)
    • Student Scholar Biography (see "What goes into my biography?" for more details)

    • Abstract (PDF file upload)
      • (200 words max.) This is where you submit a brief summary of your project or research. Even if your project is not complete yet, you can still submit an overview for application purposes. Please include your name and project title in the abstract.

    Do I have to be a humanities major to participate?

    No. All majors are welcome.

    Can I apply with a group project or paper?

    Yes. You can now apply to the conference as a group on one single application.  *Please only list the group members in the application who plan to attend the conference.

    How do I make a poster?

    You can design a 36" x 48" poster on Powerpoint (Design> Slide Size> Custom Slide Size> H: 36" x W: 48"). A poster layout example and previous conference posters are available for reference.

    Print your poster at the USF Print Center in the Marshall Student Center or use your print swipes at the USF Library.

    Drop off posters at the Humanities Institute office (CPR 474 - Cooper Hall 4th Floor) or bring your poster to the conference to hang up. Velcro stickers are provided. 

    Does my project need to be complete at the time of application?

    No. An abstract is sufficient for the application, giving students plenty of time to complete their work before the conference. Students are encouraged to apply with an existing midterm or final project or research that may still be in progress during the Fall semester. By the time January comes, students will have a more developed or finished project to present. 

    I graduate in December. Can I still participate?


    What goes into my biography?

    The biography is a few sentences that describes your academics interests, course of study, and future plans. Please write your biography in 3rd person and limit it to 4-5 sentences.

    Example: "Jane is a National Merit Scholar student studying English and Sociology. She is involved in Club Volleyball and is president of the no name club. Jane is a Junior and plans to attend graduate school in North Dakota and get her research published in TheMadeUp journal."

    Can I do both a poster and panel presentation?

    Yes, we have had students participate in both the poster session and panel presentations. If you are unsure about which option to present in, or want to do both, contact Liz Kicak.

    I've never participated in a conference before and am not sure if I should apply. How do I know if I'm ready?

    You’re ready! Nearly everyone will be presenting their research for the first time, so you’re in good company. The Humanities Institute staff is here to help you plan and prepare if you need help. The conference is designed to be professional, but supportive and fun for new scholars.

    I'm from the St. Petersburg or Sarasota-Manatee campus. Can I participate?

    Yes! Undergraduate students from all campuses are invited to apply. If transportation is an obstacle to participating in the conference in-person on the Tampa campus, please contact Liz Kicak.

    If I have a class scheduled, should I miss it to attend the conference?

    If your presentation time conflicts with a class, you should inform your instructor right away to see if they can support you in this opportunity to present at the conference. For further assistance or if you cannot present at your original scheduled time, please contact Liz Kicak

    Will there be food at the conference?

    Yes, conference presenters are provided FREE breakfast and lunch both days, including coffee and tea throughout the day. Please indicate in your application if you plan to eat at the conference so we know how much food to order. Also indicate any dietary restrictions in your application submission. 


    Having participated in the USF Humanities Conference for 2 years now I can honestly say it is an incredible and worthwhile experience. This conference is special and unique for its ability to shine a light on research that is both personally and professionally exploratory. What has been presented in these conferences is not only research that opens new avenues of thought for each field but much of the work challenges the audience to consider their own perspectives and feelings regarding the subject matter being presented. This conference really reminds us to put the [human] of humanities back into everything we do.

    Francesco Elias Little
    Integrative Animal Biology

    Thank you so much for organizing the conference and creating a space for our undergraduates to put their findings into a conversation mode.

    Giovanna Benadusi
    Professor of History

    This conference provides an incredible professional opportunity for undergraduate humanities students to showcase their research in an environment that encourages advancing your researching skills without intimidating new researchers. I'd recommend both participating and attending this conference, as a student who has greatly enjoyed doing both!

    Angelica Johnson
    English '22

    Getting to attend the 2022 Undergraduate Humanities Conference was so exciting, not only because I got to share my research, but also because I learned from others about their research too. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to be involved in the Tampa Bay community and having the opportunity to participate in a panel with research focused on our community was very insightful. Additionally, I enjoyed the opportunity to defend my research, and reflect on the entire process during the panel discussion.

    Sean Schrader
    Business Management

    what's next?

    Students who present at the Undergraduate Humanities Conference often go on to present at other USF conferences, the Florida Undergraduate Research Conference, and the Richard Macksey National Undergraduate Humanities Research Symposium hosted by Johns Hopkins.

    Interested in receiving funding to present at one of these conferences? Contact Liz Kicak to receive more information on how the Humanities Institute can support your research.

    Please direct any further questions or requests to Liz Kicak.