About Us


The office of Resource & Operational Support Services (ROSS) is one a few different administrative support units housed in the College of Arts & Sciences. The ROSS director reports directly to the Dean and is part the college leadership team that includes the office Faculty Affairs, Graduate and Undergraduate Affairs, Global Engagement and Research.

The employees in ROSS are organized around functional support areas that include budget/financial, human resources, purchasing/travel transactional support, and facilities (buildings, classrooms, laboratories and office space). The ROSS website and college-level business procedures are also organized around functional areas. Department chairs, faculty and staff throughout the College of Arts & Sciences can use this website to help navigate the college business procedures and learn about the professional skill set and expertise of the all the employees on the ROSS team. ROSS ultimately exists to assist our academic departments in achieving their strategic goals. If you need administrative support that exceeds the capacity of your departmental staff, start with ROSS. In many cases, we can provide direct support and if not, we can identify the other academic and administrative supports areas on the Tampa Campus that can help.

ROSS is generally housed in Cooper Hall. We have a presence in the Dean's office suite on the ground floor and also occupy a suite of offices on the second floor. For more information about the ROSS Team, please go to Contact Us.