Business Support Services


Business Support Services (BSS) is a part of the Resource and Operational Support Services office of the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Office. BSS is responsible for the procurement activities for all departments within the College of Arts and Sciences.

BSS provides efficient financial and administrative solutions, focused on unit level needs and university-wide objectives.

Goals and Objectives

Top Quality, Consistent and Timely Service Delivery and Process Improvement by providing superior financial and administrative services to all units within the College by:

  • Integrating top quality people, processes, and technology,
  • Reviewing and streamlining processes and procedures to achieve efficient, effective, sustainable, and consistent operations while maximizing the use of technology,
  • Ensuring proper internal controls are established, followed, and maintained,
  • Hiring and retaining a team of top quality business professionals who provide reliable, balanced services and create trusted relationships with unit staff and faculty.
  • BSS Administrators will conduct and coordinate periodic reviews to ensure continued benefits to the unit and university, and there will be numerous opportunities for feedback from the units.

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