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FAQ’s regarding USF Procurement Card

How do I get a PCard?

Please contact BSS to begin the process. Training is required.

Can anyone gets a PCard?

No, PCard usage is limited to those that have a direct business need to have a PCard. Requests for PCards are initiated by BSS and require the Dean’s approval.

Can I submit a request to BSS to purchase on their University PCard?

Yes. Quote requirements still apply as do a specific approval for the purchase from the accountable officer. Requests submitted by Graduate Assistants and departmental staff will still require the AO approval before BSS staff can move forward.

How do I submit PCard receipts to BSS?

PCard receipts should be submitted as early as possible. University policy requires all receipts to be turned in to reconcilers within three business days.

Are there any special requirements for submitting receipts?

Yes, all receipts should include the funding source. BSS staff cannot reconcile receipts without a valid funding source. All receipts must have item detail and show the total amount paid.

I need to have an item shipped to a non-USF address. What should I do?

Purchases shipped to a non-USF address requires to explicate approval from PCard Compliance.

During my reconciliation procedures, I noticed an item posted to the wrong chartfield. What should I do?

A journal entry will need to be created to correct the mistake. College policy requires all journal entries to be signed by the AO and reviewed at the Dean’s office before submission to general accounting.

I am not sure if a purchase is allowable, who can I contact?

Contact BSS if you are unsure of the allowability of a purchase.

Where can I find more information?

a. PCard Compliance Website
b. USF Expenditure Guide
c. PCard Guidelines Manual
d. PCard Frequently Asked Questions

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