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FAQ's regarding Purchasing

All purchases, apart from PCard purchases, must be pre-approved. Failure to seek formal pre-approval is a serious violation of University policy.

Do I need a purchase order before I place my order with the vendor?

Yes, prior to placing an order with a vendor, departments must receive approval from Purchasing Services via the FAST financial system. Requests for a purchase order should be submitted to BSS before any purchase is initiated. * Exceptions to this processes are allowed PCard purchases.

Can I submit a request to BSS to purchase on their University PCard?

Yes. Quote requirements still apply as do a specific approval for the purchase from the accountable officer. Requests submitted by Graduate Assistants and departmental staff will still require the AO approval before BSS staff can move forward.

How many quotes do I need to submit to BSS for them to begin the requisition process?

Quote Requirements can be found here: Purchasing Website.

Are there any special requirements for professional services?

Yes, invoices for professional services must be signed by the payee signifying they have completed the work and AO certifying the work has been completed. An example of a standard professional services receipt can be found here: SAMPLE INVOICE

After BSS enters the requisition request, who approves the request?

The accountable officer of the funding source must approve the request in the FAST financial system. Once approved by the accountable officer the requisition is reviewed by Purchasing and a purchase order is issued. Purchases over $75,000 have additional guidelines that require formal bids and/or Single Source Certification.

Does BSS process requisitions for sub-agreements?

No, department Unit Research Administrators prepare sub-agreement requisitions.

Where should invoice be sent?

University policy requires that vendors send all invoices directly to Accounts payable. Purchase orders should always direct the vendor to follow this policy.

During my reconciliation procedures, I noticed an item posted to the wrong chart field. What should I do?

A journal entry will need to be created to correct the mistake. College policy requires all journal entries to be signed by the AO and reviewed at the Dean’s office before submission to general accounting.

I am not sure if a purchase is allowable, who can I contact?

Contact BSS if you are unsure of the allowability of a purchase.

Where can I find more information?

a. Purchasing Services Website
b. USF Expenditure Guide
c. Purchasing Forms

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