The facilities staff in ROSS serve in a liaison role between the college/academic departments and the central administrative offices like Physical Plant, Facilities & Planning and Environmental Health & Safety. They help coordinate large scale projects like new building construction, renovations and other infrastructure improvements. They also help academic departments coordinate small scale projects required to maintain classrooms, laboratories and office space. Examples of those projects include minor renovations, installation of AV equipment, integrating new scientific equipment into a laboratory or simply moving office furniture. They can also help coordinate clean-up of scientific laboratories when faculty resign or retire and ensure the safe disposal of hazardous materials. CAS academic departments considering such a project should contact the facilities staff in ROSS. If you need any administrative support for USF facilities that exceeds the capacity of your departmental staff, start with ROSS. In many cases we can provide direct support you need and if not, we will identify the other academic and administrative supports areas on the Tampa Campus that can help.