Un-scanned Equipment Inventory Procedure

1. Asset Management conducts an inventory/scan of equipment with a purchase price greater than or equal to $5,000. This inventory occurs during the Spring Semester.

2. After the initial scan, Asset Management will request assistance in finding un-scanned items. A department representative will assist Asset Management in finding the un-scanned property. The department chair is considered the accountable authority for equipment.

3. After the second round of searching, Asset Management will generate an excel file of the remaining un-scanned equipment. The College of Arts & Sciences Dean's office will work with the department to find the remaining items.

4. Any item not found requires the filing of an Asset Management form.

5. The chair is responsible for ensuring the list has no items remaining on it.

6. Additionally, before the chair leaves office an inventory must be requested from Asset Management, and all un-scanned items cleared before the new chair takes office. In some instances, the annual inventory can be used for this purpose.

7. Please review the College of Arts & Sciences Asset/Property Management web page for an explanation of forms, processes, and policy explanation.