Business System Security


For new employees in CAS, the FAST and GEMS security will be set up by the ROSS as part of the onboarding process. Departments should no longer submit a security form for GEMS, FAST, or Workflow to central administrative offices. ROSS will also periodically perform a review of security setup for all CAS employees on a semi-annually basis to ensure the security roles are aligned with current position titles. Security roles are assigned based upon the title of the position and the set roles and responsibilities in the departments.


URA will submit workflow forms for new projects to ROSS staff for review and processing. ROSS staff will obtain the Director of Budgets signature and submit the workflow form directly to FAST Security.

FAST and GEMS security forms should never be submitted by departments to FAST or GEMS security. Forms submitted directly will not be processed by the central administrative areas without a formal approval and signature of the Budget Director. Those areas have been notified of the processes for our College.

Standard FAST Security Roles: (for positions not listed, access will be determined by the Deans Office based on duties assigned in job descriptions)

The College will conduct semi-annual reviews of security roles to ensure that they match duties.

Academic Service Administrator (ASA):

Unit Research Administrator (URA):

Academic Program Specialist (APS):

Faculty Positions: