USF Foundation

Who is Foundation?

The USF Foundation is a Direct Support Organization (DSO) and operates exclusively to receive, hold, invest, and administer donor contributions to make expenditures to or for the benefit of USF. They function as a separate entity on the USF campus and use their own financial system to operate.

Role of the Foundation?

Role of Initiators, Financial Administrators, and L3 signers?

Role of Ross?


What are the minimum requirements for submitting a check request?

  1. A clearly documented business purpose which supports the fund purpose,
  2. Original receipt(s) (if e-receipt, must include credit card statement),
  3. Flyer/invite for the event,
  4. L3 signature on the request

What is the timeline for submitting a check request?

All check requests must be submitted to Foundation within 60 days of the expense. If the request is over 60 days a justification memo will need to be sent to the Provost Office for approval. These requests are not guaranteed to be paid.

How much does Foundation reimburse for meals?

The per-person expense for a business meal where an outside guest (a visiting dignitary, scholar, or donor for instance) is present must not exceed $50.
Reimbursement for business meals where the attendees are all USF employees are limited to $20 per person AND a business agenda must be provided with your check request.

What is the per diem rate?

Per Florida statute…
Breakfast $6, Lunch $11, Dinner $19
Total for the day $36

When can I use my P-Card and have those expenses reimbursed by the Foundation?

  1. To pay for TRAVEL of an outside guest or employee
  2. To pay On-Line Vendors that DO NOT direct bill or accept checks

What will foundation not pay for?

  • Parking Expenses on campus for employees
  • Employee Birthday Celebrations
  • Contributions to Other Non-Profit or Charitable Organizations
  • An exception to this guideline:
  • Tickets for Community Events
  • Contributions in Lieu of Flowers
  • Political Contributions and Advocacy
  • Scholarships to Non-USF students