Human Resources

Background Checks

Background checks will be conducted on all final candidates being hired to a faculty, staff, temporary (OPS) and Postdoc position, as well as on all employees who have a position status change from temporary to regular or a break in service of more than a 120 days.

The Deans Office will order the background check upon receipt of an email to from the hiring department with the candidate's full name and email address. Hire Right, the screening vendor will send an invitation to initiate the background check to the candidate that will be valid for seven (7) days.

Requests received before 5:00 pm will be processed the same day. If received after hours, weekends or a holiday, the request will be processed the next business day. A CAS HR representative will notify the hiring manager regarding the results of the check. In cases where negative or incomplete information is obtained, the CAS HR Administrator and a Central HR Representative will assess the potential risks and liabilities related to the position requirements and determine whether the individual should be hired.

Please be aware, background checks must be requested and completed prior to the employment start date. The Dean's office WILL NOT sign off on any letters of the offer without a completed background check and central HR WILL NOT process any paperwork without a completed background check.

Click here to submit the request for a background check Request must include the candidate full name and email address.