Welcome to the Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

Our Mission: to promote academic excellence by advancing policies and providing services that facilitate the education of our students and the teaching and scholarly work of our faculty.

Our office is located on the second floor of The Behavioral Science building BEH201. On the corner of Maple and Willow at the USF Tampa campus. The University of South Florida offices are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, we do not have evening or weekend hours.

Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies


Robert Potter Senior Associate Dean
Allison Cleveland-Roberts Associate Dean
Autumn Mueller Director of Advising

Graduate Information

Lisa Mirabal Senior Academic Program Specialist
Stephanie Hill Academic Program Specialist

Undergraduate Information

Guner Celik Academic Services Administrator
Sue Gramby Academic Services Administrator
Marlene Swank Academic Services Administrator
Kelly Pearson Academic Services Administrator
Taneem Ali-Qureshi Office Manager
Raven Harris Academic Program Specialist

Academic Services/Special Projects

Teresa Patriarco Academic Services Administrator
Erin Bryan Director of Online Academic Initiatives

Academic Integrity Review Board Staff

Kelly Pearson Academic Services Administrator
Allison Cleveland-Roberts Associate Dean