ARC Petitions

CAS ARC petitions require use of our personal statement worksheet in place of a free-form written statement. Submit completed petitions to BEH201, SCA203 or by fax to 813-974-4075. CAS students can check the status of their petition at 813-974-6957 or casarc@usf.edu. Students are welcome to schedule appointments for ARC assistance using eScheduler.

ARC General Information for CAS Majors

Petitions should be submitted as soon as possible in accordance with action requested. Late submissions require reason and documentation for the delayed request. All submitted documentation is subject to verification. Submission of false, forged or fraudulent information will result in a referral to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities. Fee Adjustment Requests are a separate petition and must be submitted to USF Registrar's Office.

Academic Renewal (AR)

AR is a process designed for students who were academically dismissed from USF to return and complete their USF degree. Through the ARC petition, students will show they completed either the Academic Renewal I or II path and are eligible to return. There are many important details and deadlines in this process. Links provided include a detailed process guide to help interested students in preparing for and submitting their petition.

Late Add Requests (LAR)

Students may continue to add courses through Schedule Planner/OASIS until the end of the drop/add period published for each term/session. Requests to register for classes after the first week of class must be submitted through ARC. Late Add ARC Petitions should be complete and submitted during the second week of class.

Late Withdraw Requests (LWR)

Students may withdraw from courses using OASIS through the withdraw deadline. Requests to withdrawal from a course after the withdraw deadline due to extenuating circumstances must be submitted to the ARC as soon as possible and within six months of the end of the semester during which the petitionable event occurred.

Withdraw Limit Exemption Requests (WLER)

Undergrads have a limited number of course withdraws at USF. Only in extenuating circumstances will approval be granted for withdraws beyond a student’s limit. Appeals for additional course withdrawals due to extenuating circumstances should be made before the semester withdraw deadline.