These forms are specifically for College of Arts and Sciences students. If you have any questions on completing or submitting any of these forms, please contact (813) 974-6957.

Declaration of Major Process

Declaration/Change of Major
This process is available online. With this form, you can request to declare or change your CAS major.

Declaration of Major and Other Important info for Former Student Returning
When you return to USF, you will not be required to attend orientation. However, you are responsible for learning any new USF Policy and Procedures which may have been added or changed since you last attended. Be sure to read over the information on this link carefully before officially declaring your major.

Leaving or Dropping Your CAS Major
If you are interested in changing your major to another College (i.e. The Arts, Business, Behavioral & Community Sciences, Education, Engineering, Nursing, or Public Health) there is no need to notify CAS.

Registration Process

Overload Request
Students are allowed to take a maximum number of 18 credit hours per semester in the fall and spring and 14 credit hours in the summer. If you wish to go over that amount of credit hours, you will need to complete this online form.

Time Conflict
Sometimes courses may have times that overlap and OASIS will not let you register for them. Only in rare circumstances will USF permit students to register for courses that are scheduled to meet at the same time or overlapping times. Examples can include:

  • 2 courses required for graduation, last semester for the student, and one starts at the same time as the other one ends
  • 1 course has a required common exam time which students only need to attend 4 or fewer times throughout the semester

To request a time conflict exception, you will need to complete the above online form. Time Conflict forms cannot be submitted prior to registration or after registration is over.

Time Conflict requests must be processed through the college with professor approval. Response time to your request will vary based on the availability of faculty member. If you have not received a response in 1 week (5 business days), then it is recommended that you follow up with the faculty members for their feedback.

Transient Form (thru floridashines.org)
USF Students who take courses at another accredited institution of higher learning are considered "Transient" students. To receive approval and confirmation of how those courses will transfer back to USF, you will need to complete the online Florida Shines Transient form. USF students are expected to complete their coursework at USF. Students who wish to request to take courses at another institution must submit the online Transient form prior to registering for courses at another institution. Students should use the comment section of the online form to explain the purpose of taking coursework at another institution. To be eligible for approval, the courses you are requesting to take at another institution must meet the following criteria:

  1. Course(s) must be necessary for graduation in current declared major. This can include courses which are prerequisite courses necessary to take other major required courses. -and-
  2. Either: (a) Course(s) are not available at USF and are academically necessary to be taken this semester. This can include courses not offered at USF this semester, courses which are full at USF this semester, or courses which overlap with another required course. -or-(b) Student has an uncontrollable, necessary, and documentable reason which prevents the student from being available to take courses at USF.

Graduation Verification Letter Request Form
This form is to request an official letter stating that you have completed or are about to complete all requirements for graduation. This is ONLY for undergraduate students. If you are a graduate student, please contact your department for a letter. Please note that if you're looking for a letter that states you have completed graduation requirements please submit this request after final grades have posted in OASIS.

S/U Contract
If you wish to take a course in exchange for an "S" (Satisfactory) or "U" (Unsatisfactory) grade. It is considered an agreement between you and the professor and does not need to be submitted to any university office. Simply have the professor sign and make a copy for each other. "S/U" grading does not affect your GPA at all, however, understand that an S/U grade will not satisfy the following requirements:

Academic Regulations Petitions (ARC) forms for College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) students
All ARC Petitions for CAS students can be submitted to BEH 201 or by fax to 813-974-4075. Petitions to late withdraw or exceed the withdrawal limit can be turned into SCA 203, in addition to BEH 201 or by fax.

Late Adds

Forms Required for Late Adds are:
ARC - Late Add/Drop, Withdrawals
ARC - Instructor's Documentation
ARC Late Add Personal Statement Worksheet
ARC - Medical Documentation (if necessary)
Late Add FAQs
Step-by-Step Instructions for Late Add

Late Withdrawals
ARC - Late Add/Drop, Withdrawals
ARC - Instructor's Documentation
ARC Late Withdrawal Personal Statement Worksheet
ARC - Medical Documentation (if necessary)
Late Withdrawal FAQs
Step-by-Step Instructions for Late Withdrawal

Withdraw Limit Exemption
ARC - Late Add/Drop, Withdrawals
ARC - Instructor's Documentation
ARC Withdrawal Limit Exemption Personal Statement Worksheet
ARC - Medical Documentation (if necessary)
Withdrawal Limit Exemption FAQs
Step-by-Step Instructions for Withdrawal Limit Exemption Petition

Academic Renewal
CAS has constructed the ARC Academic Renewal I/II Process Guide to create the smoothest and most informative process possible for students.

Forms required for Academic Reinstatement After Academic Dismissal:
ARC - Reinstatement After Academic Dismissal
ARC Advising Record for Reinstatement
ARC Academic Renewal Personal Statement Worksheet
ARC - Medical Documentation (if necessary)

Please take note regarding the above ARC Personal Statement Worksheets: these are all in Microsoft Word format. If a different format is needed to view these documents, then please email casarc@usf.edu with your request.

Students who have questions or concerns about the ARC process can email the Committee at casarc@usf.edu. Students may also elect to schedule an appointment to meet with Andrew Bird, the CAS ARC Representative, by using eScheduler and selecting "ARC petitions – College of Arts & Sciences Tampa" as the area

More information regarding ARC policy and process can be found here and here.

The following forms are available through the Registrar's Office.