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Professor Victor Fung Authors New Book Titled “A Way of Music Education”

Thursday, April 05, 2018

portrait of Victor Fung

Victor Fung, USF professor of music education and director of the Center for Music Education Research, has authored a new book published by Oxford University Press titled A Way of Music Education: Classic Chinese Wisdoms.

This publication integrates ancient Chinese thought with music education to develop perspectives on music education that are not rooted in the ancient Greek tradition.

Oxford University Press describes Fung's methodology on its page for A Way of Music Education, "The book's three central sources - the Yijing (The Book of Changes), Confucianism, and Daoism - inform author C. Victor Fung's argument: that the human being exists as an entity at the center of an organismic world in which all things and events, including music and music education, are connected."

Fung uses this research to inform a new educational philosophy that takes into consideration key ideas in Chinese thought: change, balance, and liberation.

To read more about A Way of Music Education, visit Oxford University Press.