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Congratulations to Outstanding Staff at the College of The Arts

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Staff members of the USF College of The Arts were recognized at the 2019 Outstanding Staff Awards on March 29 at the USF School of Music.

The awards recognize exceptional USF employees who are committed to the pursuit of excellence and a high level of performance.

The 2019 awardees from the College of The Arts are academic program specialist Jason Bombaugh, budget manager Cameron Greenhaw, and the School of Art and Art History team.

Jason Bombaugh

Ralph Wilcox, Jason Bombaugh, and Judy Genshaft at the 2019 Oustanding Staff Awards

Jason Bombaugh (center) receives a USF Outstanding Staff Award with USF Provost Ralph Wilcox and USF President Judy Genshaft.

Jason currently serves as the Academic Program Specialist and Office Administrator for the Herd of Thunder (HOT) Athletic Bands. He joined the HOT staff in August 2009. His responsibilities include managing the finances of the Herd of Thunder, facilitating the band's travel, maintaining the HOT website, and acting as the Liaison between the HOT Bands and the USF Athletics Department. He also assists with the day-to-day office operations for the School of Music.

Cameron Greenhaw

Ralph Wilcox, Cameron Greenhaw, and Judy Genshaft at the 2019 Outstanding Staff Awards

Cameron Greenhaw (center) receives a 2019 USF Outstanding Staff Award.

Cameron was given the monumental challenge of consolidating the College’s budget operations from a unit-based operation into a centralized budget structure. Cameron rose to the challenge and both modernized and streamlined our College’s fund management and business processes. Cameron has created a new, efficient, and effective business office for our College that now serves as a tremendous resource to all our faculty and staff. Cameron successfully manages the fiscal position of the College of The Arts throughout periods of intense institutional transition. He continues to refine existing processes and develop new practices to enhance efficiencies.

School of Art and Art History team: Irineo Cabreros, Don Corbin, Julie Herrin, Forrest MacDonald, Rodney Mayton, Chuck McGee, Marie O’Neil, Mike Puckett, Maureen Slossen

Ralph Wilcox, Maureen Slossen, Mike Puckett, and Judy Genshaft at the 2019 Outstanding Staff Awards

Maureen Slossen (center, left) and Mike Puckett (center, right) receive the USF Outstanding Staff Award on behalf of the USF School of Art and Art History team.

The School of Art and Art History (SAAH) team serves nearly 23 faculty and 450 students, who are engaged in vigorous research and teaching activities at local, regional, national, and international levels. The skilled team functions like a well-oiled machine, and individually, each staff member fulfills a vital role within the system, accomplishing a daunting set of tasks with unfailing resolve, equanimity, and professionalism. As a team they are extraordinary in providing the highest quality support for faculty research, and for the educational goals of the department.