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School of Art & Art History student illustrates children’s book for NASA

TAMPA, Fla. — Andrea Coloma is one of nine Hispanic students in the graphic arts program at USF St. Pete. A career that she wants more Hispanic students to pursue.

Andrea Coloma shown smiling with her illustrations..

Like many of us who grew watching cartoons on TV, Andrea said that’s how she found her love for her Graphic Design.

What she enjoys creating the most is, “I really love creating things that appeal to children because I think our next generation is really important to inspire.”

She’s not only hoping to inspire the young generation but also give her Hispanic community a voice through the pieces she creates.

Andrea has created pieces that also represent her home and the issues that people face in her country.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor, only about 10% of Hispanics pursue careers in the Arts. It’s a degree she was scared to pursue.

Through her determination, she landed an internship with NASA. Something that she’s grateful for. “To be a part of something that will impact future generations was something that seemed really cool to me.” said Andrea.

Her love for creating art opened the door for Andrea to illustrate a children’s book for NASA’s space communication and navigation program.

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