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Professor Taryn Sabia Named Assistant Dean for Research

The College of The Arts is pleased to announce Taryn Sabia has been named the new Assistant Dean for Research in the College of The Arts.

Professor Sabia is a Research Associate Professor in the School of Architecture & Community Design where she serves as Director for the Florida Center for Community Design & Research. Sabia is an urban design practitioner and researcher of context-based design anchored by a passion to involve citizens in actively shaping the built environment. Her research is committed to the merging of design and civics, with focus on climate change adaptation, transit modes and public space. She has extensive experience building partnerships between community members, organizations, and government leaders, Professor Sabia has served as a Principal Investigator on more than 30 projects and advised numerous elected officials and local governments on resilient community development initiatives.

Sabia’s role as Assistant Dean for Research is to expand the capacity of research activities across disciplines in the College of The Arts including applied research, performance, exhibition, and artistic and design processes; to increase opportunities to work with community partners and broaden collaboration; to engage undergraduate and graduate students in meaningful research opportunities; to support administrative infrastructure to ensure faculty success in research initiatives; and to develop metrics to demonstrate research in the arts and design.