Dr. Richard Pollenz

STEM Speaker, February 18, 2014: Understanding Institutional Data Can Inspire University-Wide Adoption of Evidence-Based Practices in STEM Education


Professor of Cell, Molecular, and Microbiology, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Director of the Office for Undergraduate Research, University of South Florida

Take-Home Lessons
• 40% of incoming freshman class enter into STEM majors but nearly 50% leave USF or change to a non-STEM major and only 33% of the students who enter STEM majors earn a USF STEM degree.
• Nearly 1/3 of the students who leave USF or change to a non-STEM major are making good academic progress (GPA >3.00) at the time they change to non-STEM majors or leave USF
• The majority of students in good academic standing who leave the STEM majors have not engaged in high impact practices (undergraduate research) or taken an upper level majors course.