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Tuition and Fee Information

The per credit hour rate is made up of tuition and fees. You will see multiple tuition charges on your OASIS account with different codes. The different codes are for accounting purposes only since the funds are allocated to different places. In general if you see codes on your account that have the following descriptions they are part of your per credit hour tuition and fees:

  • Tuition
  • Tuition-Differential
  • Tuition- Tech Fee
  • Tuition- Green Fee
  • Tuition- Non Resident
  • Programmatic Tuition
  • Programmatic Tuition - Tech Fee
  • Programmatic Tuition- Fin Aid

Green Energy Fee:
The Student Green Energy Fee is used to establish or improve the use of renewable energy technologies or energy efficiencies that directly lower greenhouse gas emissions, waste, or energy costs. The fee allows USF to reinforce its value of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Technology Fee:
The Technology Fee is used to enhance instructional technology for students and faculty across  USF. For more information, please visit the Information Technology website for FAQs, Guidelines and how to get involved.

Tuition Differential:
All students who have an admit term of Fall 2007 or later are assessed the tuition differential for undergraduate courses. Students admitted before Fall 2007 and Florida Prepaid students with plans purchased on or before January 31, 2007 are exempt.For more information: Tuition Differential FAQ

Programmatic Tuition:
Graduate students in the following high demand programs are charged additional Programmatic tuition fees for all courses taken:

  • College of Engineering – all majors
  • Tampa College of Business – all majors
  • St Petersburg College of Business – all majors
  • Sarasota-Manatee College of Business – all majors
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Program (CRNA)

Flat Fees:
The flat fees are mandatory for all students, including those only taking online, off-campus or other distance learning courses. They are assessed once per term not by credit hour and are based on the student's declared home campus:

  • Flat Fee Athletic- All Campuses
  • Flat Fee A&S (Activities & Services) – Tampa Only
  • Student Union Enhancement Flat Fee (Marshall Center)– Tampa Only


Resident Tuition Rates per Credit Hour
 Course Location Undergraduate Level
Graduate Level
(5000 & Up) 




 St Petersburg






Non-Resident Tuition Rates per Credit Hour
Course Location Undergraduate Level
Graduate Level
(5000 & Up)
Tampa $575.01 $877.17
St Petersburg $557.52 $871.42
Sarasota-Manatee $549.74 $863.64


Business and Engineering Graduate
Programmatic Tuition Rates Per Credit Hour
Course Location Resident Non-Resident
Tampa $467.34 $913.08
St Petersburg $461.59 $907.33
Sarasota-Manatee $453.81 $899.55


CRNA Graduate Programmatic Tuition Rates Per Credit Hour
Course Location Resident Non-Resident
Tampa $800.00 $800.00