Doing Business with USF

Code of Ethics

USF Policy 0-027 Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees

USF Regulation 4.02000 Purchasing - Statement of Intent

In order to meet the University of South Florida's mission, Purchasing Services provides  management, oversight to acquire quality commodities and contractual services while promoting fair and open competition in the public procurement process. Responsible Purchasing officials shall be protected from improper pressures of external political or  business interests. The process shall reduce the appearance and opportunity for  favoritism,  ensure  that contracts are awarded equitably and economically, and establish effective management oversight in the acquisition of commodities and contractual services in order to preserve the integrity of public purchasing and contracting.

USF Regulation 4.02010(IV)(B) Purchasing - Standards of Conduct

It is a breach of ethical standards for any employee of the University of South Florida to accept, solicit, or agree to accept a gratuity of any kind, form or type in connection with any contract for commodities or services.  It is also a breach of ethical standards for any potential contractor to offer an employee of USF a gratuity of any kind, form or type to influence the development of a contract or potential contract for commodities or service