Public Bids

Awarded Bids 2016-2017


ITN 17-17-MH Budgeting System for USF
ITN 17-14-MH Fire Wall and VPN Services for USF System

ITN 17-24-MH Massive Parallel Computer Cluster 2nd Stage
ITN-17-16-MH Copiers, Printers & Multi-Function Printers
ITN-17-13-MH Application Delivery Controllers
ITN-17-19-MH Multibeam for RV Hogarth
ITN-17-22-PC Roadway and Basketball Court LED Light Retrofit
ITN-17-23-MH Digital Advertising & Media Buying Services
ITN-17-12-YH Electrical and Other Related Services

ITN-17-08-MH TEDDY Study RNA Sequencing
ITN-17-11-MH Housing & Residential Education Interior Painting Services

ITN 17-02-MH TrialNet Immune Effects of Oral Insulin (TN20) Assays
ITN 17-05-MY Cybersecurity Report
ITN 17-01-MH Campus Edge Enhancement Project
ITN 17-04-MH Custodial Services for PATS
ITN 17-07-PC Tennis and Basketball LED Lighting
ITN 17-25-YH MDC Vivarium Roof Replacement



ITN 17-06-GC USFSP Student Housing Development Project
ITB 17-02-STP Audio Visual Equipment
ITN 17-01-STP Cable TV Services