Purchasing to Payment Process

Departmental Users currently use the online requisition functionality in the PeopleSoft Purchasing module to initiate a request for purchase. The identification of where the expense should be charged is done on the requisition and will carry forward automatically through the Purchase Order (PO) to the Receipt and then to the Voucher (as the system refers to the invoice as input by AP.) See Flowchart.

Online Workflow approval and receiving processes will replace the manual signature approval. Once the requisition is approved, the system will generate a purchase order (PO) which is the official authorization to purchase goods or services. There will be no automatic notification of the requestor when the POs have been created or dispatched (printed.) The requestor/user will be responsible for monitoring their requisitions and knowing when a PO has been generated and purchase authorized.

The vendors will be directed to send invoices directly to the Accounts Payable department for processing rather than to the requesting departments except in the case of blanket orders.

Authorization to pay will be confirmed via online receiving and acceptance of the goods or
services by the departments.

Accounts Payable will enter the invoices from the vendors, as vouchers, into the PeopleSoft Payables system in the order they are received. PeopleSoft will match the vouchers to the purchase orders and receipts. Any exceptions to the matching process (quantity or price variances) over predefined tolerances will be routed via Workflow to the departments for review.

Once the vouchers are successfully matched, the PeopleSoft payables system will generate payments when due based on payment terms and invoice dates. There will be no automatic notification of the user/requestor when invoices are entered and paid. The user/requestor will be responsible for monitoring his/her requisitions and knowing when invoices are entered and paid.

The GEMS system (Global Employment System) in Human Resources is also a PeopleSoft product.