Contracts & Leases


Contract Authority

Contracts are defined by USF Regulation USF4.2010. This section of the Portal discusses bilateral two-party agreements between USF and another vendor or entity for the purpose of suppling services or, in some cases, equipment.

Method of Purchase

Bid requirements must be met and method of purchase given before a contract can be signed.

Contract Document

USF will use a vendor's contract document and append necessary terms and conditions to it. The contract MUST include dates of service, clear description of deliverables, payment terms and schedule and the requirement that contractor submit invoices in sufficient detail to allow for a proper pre-audit and post-audit. Refer to USF4.02010 for details.

Submission for Execution

The contract document must be sent to Purchasing Services using the Contract Management System (CMS.) The contract will be reviewed by Purchasing. It may be sent to General Counsel for review.

Contract Execution

Once reviewed and approved, the contract will be signed by the Director or Associate Director of Purchasing. The contact will be then sent to the contractor for signature. The department contact will be sent a copy through the CMS. The progress of the contract can be viewed on the CMS.