Contracts & Leases


Lease of Space - Off Campus Office or Storage Space

The leasing of off campus office space or storage space must be in compliance with the USF System Regulation USF4.012 – Leasing.

All leases for off campus space must be reviewed and approved by Purchasing Services. The Office of the General Counsel must review and approve as to "form and legality" all leases for off campus space. The leasing document can only be signed by Purchasing Director or Associate Director which have delegated authority to sign lease of off campus space with a total value at less than one million dollars. Leases of space in excess of the total value of one million dollars must be signed by the Vice President for Business and Finance.

Leases must be entered into the Contract Management System. The following documentation is required:

USF purchasing and General Counsel may make revisions to the landlords lease in order to be in compliance with USF Regulations. The financial disclosure form and the coverage request form must be completed by the landlord and submitted with the signed lease. All forms and lease documents should be transmitted to Michael Abernethy via email.

The USF Lease Regulation requires that of space at 5,000 square feet or more to be competitively bid.

Departments must contact Purchasing Services to start the leasing process. Purchasing will coordinate with General Counsel and Environmental Health and Safety to process the lease. Once the lease is approved and signed, Purchasing will submit a copy of the lease and coverage request form to the Property Department, USF Facilities Planning and Construction and USF Environmental Health and Safety.

Note to Departments: USF has a contract with Cushman and Wakefield to assist in the location and assessment of the potential availability off campus leases of space. Contact USF System Purchasing for the contact information.