Contracts & Leases


SUBAGREEMENT is a contract that is put into place  between the University and a contractor that is being paid through a grant.  Subagreements are prepared by the Division of Sponsored Research at the request  of the principal investigator. Only the following individuals are authorized to  sign subagreements: the President, Director of Sponsored Research and the Vice  President of Research (or his or her designee). *General Counsel must approve  all contracts prior to execution.

Subagreements  must be signed by all parties prior to the start of services. A Purchase Order is used to encumber funds serves as vehicle for payment processing (USF Policy  0-302.) Changes to the subagreement must be done by an amendment/modification  through Sponsored Research. Changes are made to the purchase order when the  modification has been executed and sent to Purchasing by Sponsored Research or  the department along with a Purchase Order Change request.

Subagreement "Cheat Sheet"


The account code for subagreements paying the first $25,000 of the grant is 51900.
Use Item Category "SUBAGREEMENT UNDER."  

The account code for subagreements payment beyond the initial $25,000 up  is 51800. 
Use Item Category "SUBAGREEMENT  $25M."


Requisition line Description Field

Requisition  Header Comments

Requisition Unit of Measure (UOM) Quantity and Unit Price
Subagreements with a  fixed fee should be set up as quantity based requisitions.  Example:

Subagreements with  reimbursable fee should be set up as amount only.   Example:

If funds are  available, the entire subagreement and/or modification amount should be  encumbered.

Do not split payments  up into separate monthly or quarterly requisitions.  Splitting payments prevents a proper audit  trail.

Split Distribution on Requisition Line Distribution

Lack  of any of the above information may result in the denial of the requisition  back to the requester.

Do  not attach subagreements, modifications or waivers.  Purchasing will add that documentation after they  are received directly from RFM

If  the signed PO needs to be sent to the vendor, then please indicate this on a  separate comment and include Vendor's Contact Name & Email Address.

If PO for your  subagreement rolled into a new Fiscal Year, then related Modifications should be requested via Change  Order so they can be on the same PO as the original in order to allow for a  proper audit trail.


All subagreement modifications/amendments  should be on the same PO as the initial subagreement. Once a new modification  is received, the department should submit a change order so that the new  modification can be added to the old PO. If the modification is for new funding for a new year, it should be submitted as an 'Add' requisition to add a new line to the PO.

If  and ONLY IF the original/most current PO is closed, then a new PO can be issued  because splitting modifications prevents a proper audit trail.

A copy of the Modification should be attached to  the Change Order