A bid refers to a public solicitation that request vendors to submit a proposal for goods and/or services that cost $75,000 and up.  Two types of public bids are used at USF:

Invitation to Bid (ITB)

A process that is best used when contracting for a commodity that must comply to a strict set of specifications. This type of bid award is predominately based on the lowest qualified bid.

Invitation to Negotiate (ITB)

This process is a flexible procurement process that is used when highly specialized and or variable services or products are required.  Negotiations offer an opportunity for selected Vendor(s) to discuss their responses with an evaluation committee.  The goal of this comprehensive process is for identification of the optimal outcome or the solution that best meets the needs of the University. Only representatives of the participating Vendors who are authorized to negotiate and make agreements shall be involved in negotiations.

Departments should contact Michael Hernandez in the Purchasing office if they are considering any project that may require a competitively solicited bid ITB or ITN.

Purchases are made pursuant to a competitive solicitation, except authorized as a specific commodity or contractual service  by USF regulation USF4.02010.

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