Limited Purchase Orders (LPOs)

The Limited Purchase Order (LPO) system are intended to enable the colleges and departments to be as autonomous as possible in the purchase of necessary goods. The LPO may be used for eligible purchases of non-OCO commodities.

The total of the LPO may not exceed $1,000.00 (excluding freight).

Eligible purchases are allowable commodities and some services. The Item Category list indicates when a specific purchase is LPO eligible. If it is, the requisition will become a purchase order within a half-hour of approval by a Requisition Manger.

LPO eligible purchases can also be made using a PCard.

Departments are responsible for obtaining price and delivery quotations from vendors prior to initiating a LPO. Departments are also responsible for communicating the LPO number to the vendor. A "print screen" option is available to produce a hard copy if required by the vendor.

Departments have 5 working days to inspect goods and repairs. A receipt should be entered as soon this verification is done noting the actual receipt date of the merchandise or service.