Central Receiving


is located at CRS 100 on the USF Tampa Campus

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday, 7:00am - 12:00pm and 1:00am - 4:00pm
Contact: 813-974-2512

Large Quantities - Large quantity items must be checked for any obvious damage before being stored. Adequate storage facilities must be secured before ordering large quantities. Contact a Central Receiving representative for further information.

Large Items - Large items may have to be delivered directly to the Purchaser. If this is not acceptable, Central Receiving staff may agree to store the items until the purchaser is ready to accept the item for use, provided storage facilities are available.

Fragile/Sensitive/Perishable Goods - Fragile, sensitive, and perishable items will be delivered to the purchaser as soon as the item(s) arrive in Central Receiving.

Special Handling Circumstances - Special handling requires

  • notification on the Requisition when the item is ordered; and
  • the notification of the Central Receiving Manager.

Storage - Storage requests must be made as a Requisition is completed. Items will be stored for a limited time only.


Packing Slip - The vendor encloses the packing slip. Upon receipt of a package, a Central Receiving representative matches the packing slip with the Purchase Order to verify information. Orders are received from Purchasing.

**Note: Sometimes a vendor includes an invoice in the package.

Return Shipment - Payment for return shipment can take one of two forms

  • pre-paid by the University or
  • collected by the company and deducted from a future invoice.

**Note: Restocking fees may be applicable to the Purchaser when the wrong items have been ordered.