Requesting Approval for a Purchase

Prior to placing an order to a vendor, departments must receive approval from Purchasing Services via Bull Marketplace. A requisition is entered into Bull Marketplace and reviewed by Purchasing and approved into a Purchase Order. * Departments may then place the order for goods or services or may request Purchasing to mail the Purchase Order to the vendor. * Exceptions to this processes are allowed PCard purchases and Payment Requests.

Requisition Approval

After entry into Bull Marketplace, the requisition is routed to requisitions approvers and managers in the department for approval. Routing is based on Workflow routes established by Workflow request sent to the University Controller's Office

Monitoring Requisitions

It is the department's responsibility to keep track of the movement of the requisition though the approval process. Purchasing agents will place comments in the requisitions when corrections, clarifications and documentation is required.

    Purchase Order Approved for Ordering

    After a Purchase Order has the approval status of "Dispatched" it is ready for the department to place the order with the vendor. The department can print a copy of the PO. If the department prefers to have Purchasing mail or email the PO to the vendor, a header comment to that affect should be entered by them. If the PO is to be emailed, be sure to include the email address of the vendor for this purpose.


    After satisfactory receipt of goods or services, departments must enter a receipt into Bull Marketplace in order for an invoice to be paid. Failure to make timely payments will make it difficult if not impossible to place future orders with that vendor. Vendors' point of contact for late payment is the department initiator who must investigate and expedite the payment.