Recycled Requisitions

Departments should routinely review FAST requisitions for their status. If a requisition has been unprocessed after a few days, the Comments should be examined to see if the Purchasing Agent has requested additional information or documentation.

If an agent gets no reply in a timely manner, the requisition may be recycled back to the department. The status shows "Recycle" on the Approve Amounts page. The comment box on the page will provide an explanation of the rejection. Departments should take corrective action; providing needed information or changes. Additional comments may be on the Header Comments on the requisition's Add/Update page.

If Recycled, the requisition returns to the last authorized approver. It will appear in the approver's worklist as a Recycled requisition. The Status on the Approve Amounts page must be changed back to "Approved" and saved.

Departments cannot successfully recycle requisitions within their own departments.  Doing so creates a problem in workflow.  The College of Engineering is the only area that has two approval levels and Requisition Managers can recycle back to Requisition Approvers.

Refer to the Fast Requisition Approval Manual for more detailed information.