Data Administration & State Reporting

SUDS Resubmission Policy

BOG Resubmission Policy

The Florida Board of Governors (BOG) has established a State University Database System (SUDS) Resubmission Policy.

Due to time constraints and deadlines for processing Performance-Based Funding (PBF) and Accountability Plan reporting, SUDS resubmissions will be restricted by the BOG between December 1st and April 1st of each fiscal year.  Data from submissions within this period will be locked for PBF/Accountability usage on the submission due date. Resubmission of these collections may be approved; however, data that is processed after the due date will not be included in the PBF/Accountability.  Data must be submitted accurately and completely by the established BOG due dates.

Please review the SUS Data Resubmission Policy Memo from the Chancellor of the State University System of Florida and the SUDS Resubmission Policy below.

USF Resubmission Procedure

All SUDS resubmissions require the approval of the Primary Executive Reviewer. Executive Reviewers may request an additional Executive Review meeting prior to a data resubmission. Please visit the Executive Review page for additional information.  Additionally all SUDS resubmissions require a USF Resubmission Form documenting the purpose of the resubmission.  Please visit the Forms page for the USF Resubmission Form. Questions/comments should be submitted to the Office of Data Administration & State Reporting at