Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership

Ethics & Debate Team

Experience is the Best Teacher

Through the Ethics and Debate Team and building on a course on Ethics & Power, students discuss cases built from real-world and current events. They must develop a point of view and suggest a course of action.

Each fall, the Ethics and Debate Team competes in the Southeastern Regional Ethics Bowl, a debate-style competition in which university teams respond to moral questions. Through these vehicles, our students develop the skills to analyze moral issues, to apply ethical theory, to organize, present, and defend an argument, and to discuss difficult issues with civility.

Students gain

  • Moral Sensitivity – Awareness that an ethical issue exists
  • Moral Judgement – The ability to weigh the effects of different courses of action
  • Moral Character – The willingness and ability to act ethically
  • A framework for analyzing and applying ethical theories to real issues and decisions
  • Argument development, defense, and presentation skills

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