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Build a Culture that works

With unemployment so low, competition between businesses and industries for hard-working employees is at an all-time high. Supply chain issues have increased material costs. Consumer behaviors are changing. New competitive businesses like rideshare are cutting into profits. In an industry with historically low profitability, is your business equipped with the leadership to overcome these challenges?

Return on Investment

Attract Talent

A culture that attracts & retains talent: Leaders in a business create its culture. That culture either attracts or repels workers. Participants will learn the behaviors of leaders that will inspire loyalty and maximize the talent of their employees.

Grow Profits

A plan for growing profits: Organizations grow by cutting the fat and increasing sales. Participants will develop a plan for their business to do both.

Stress Less

Increased leader effectiveness: Managers and owners who have to continuously fight fires, eventually burn out. Their value to the business is not maximized. Participants will develop a set of processes and practices that are structured but flexible so they have time to work “on the business,” not just in it.

Designed for leaders in the business

Owners who are still hands-on with the business.
General Managers responsible for one or more locations.
Team Leaders preparing to step up into an expanded role.


  • 100% online content
  •  5 hours per week  
  • 16 weeks 
  • Assignments that apply directly to the business 


$2,995 (less than $190 per week) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered fully online through video and short articles. Assignments will require real-world application within your business environment.

Who should attend?

The program is designed for general managers and current managers or assistant managers who aspire to become GMs.

What will be learned?

Participants will learn to:

  • Become more organized through the implementation of the Ideal Week

  • Hold more effective meetings

  • Create a loyalty cycle within the business

  • Create a values driven culture

  • Apply situational leadership

  • Understand and influence key metrics of the business (i.e. finance 101)